Monday, May 27, 2019

Convert your old home videos into digital files with Vidbox.

I received this product from VidBox for review.  You can purchase it from their website for $89.99.  It is also available at Best Buy, QVC, HSN, Amazon and more.  These would make awesome Father's Day gifts!

I received the VidBox Video Conversion Suite, which is compatible with both PC and Mac.  It provides almost everything you need to convert those priceless family memories that were captured on VHS, Beta, 8mm or camcorder tapes into a more convenient and longer lasting digital format.  All you need is a VCR/camcorder and a PC/Mac to store it on.  If you have a DVD burner, you will be about to save your home videos on DVD.  If you don't have a burner, then you can store the videos on your computer.

We all have that one family member who seems to be the self appointed documenter of your family.  They follow you around taking tons of photos and videos that they can use to embarrass you for years to come.  But some day, you will grow to treasure those photos and videos as you grow older.  You will want to show them to your children so they can see what you were like at their age.  And the videos become especially precious and irreplaceable when some of your loved ones pass on and are no longer with us. 

The problem is that those wonderful VHS and other analog tapes that were so lovingly recorded are now obsolete, everything is digital now.  VCR's and VHS tapes are almost nonexistent now.  Very few homes have them and it's very rare to find them in stores.  Most kids don't even know what they are.  And with no VCRs to play the VHS cassettes on, they are useless.  For the people who are lucky enough to still own a working VCR, it won't last forever.  It could stop working at any moment.  

Another problem is that the tapes themselves can deteriorate and become unwatchable.  The color can start to bleed and white specks and distortions can appear. So you need to take action to preserve them before they are lost forever.

The solution is the VidBox Video Conversion Suite.  It comes with a VidBox (a USB video capture device), USB Cable, RCA AV Cable, 2 Quick Start Guides and 2 Installation Software CDs (the software can also be downloaded from the website).  Just follow the easy step by step pictorial instructions to connect the VidBox to your computer and to your VCR or camcorder.  Once connected, you can begin to convert all of your analog tapes to digital files.  

Once you have your analog tapes converted to digital, you can burn them onto DVDs to share with other family members.  It's a perfect gift.  What could be better than preserving memories?    

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