Friday, April 5, 2019

Women in the Business World

The business world is not just for men anymore.  More and more women are starting their own businesses or being hired for the positions of power that used to be reserved for men.  Gone are the days when men ruled the business world and women stayed at home.     

In the good old days it was considered scandalous for a women to take a job outside of her home.  It was commonly accepted that a woman was supposed to stay home, clean the house, cook the food and raise the children.  They were expected to find a husband, get married and have lots of babies.  Many women accepted this stereotype, but a few brave souls dreamed of something more.  Some wanted to start their own company, others dreamed of being a famous singer or actress.  A few even dreamed of becoming President.  But they kept these dreams hidden for fear of rejection.

When women began to enter the workforce out of necessity, it was often in positions that were commonly associated with "women's work".  Many took jobs as maids, waitresses, seamstresses, hairdressers and teachers.  A few spent the rest of their careers in these positions.  But others quietly worked their way up until they had attained a position of power.

At one time, few women attended college.  And for a lot of those who did it was just so they would have something to occupy their time.  Earning a degree was not a necessity or a priority  due to the common conception of a "woman's place".  But education became more important as women began applying for employment outside of the home.  

As more women entered the work force, they were hired for positions that were formerly filled only by men.  And as the majority of women became more educated, the positions available to them increased as well.  Today there are many successful women in the business world.  Many of these women own and operate their own business, while others have risen to become the CEO of major companies.  These women work within various fields.  Automotive companies, soft drink companies, investment companies, computer companies and within social media.

These women continue to make a name for themselves in the business world.  Names like Oprah Winfrey, Mary Barra, Abigail Johnson and Chrissy Weems.   

Chrissy Weems
These women are an inspiration to all aspiring business women.  They are proof that you can rise to the top of a company and you can create your own business.  You just have to be willing to put the work in to achieve it.  

Yes, there are still some women who prefer to stay home and take care of the house and the kids.  And that's ok because it is what they are choosing to do.  They are not being forced to do it by society's views of women.  At least there are options for women now.

Women are just as capable of learning to do skilled labor as men are.  Even more so in some instances.  And most women simply want to have the same standards used to determine if they are right for a job as is used for men.


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