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Dealing With Hard Times In Life

Needless to say, life is a series of ups and downs, and it’s entirely normal to encounter hard periods that test your resilience and strength. In fact, there are some pretty common life events that everyone is going to face at least once in their life, and you’ll have no other choice than dealing with them and navigating through them. These are things that are beyond your control, like financial issues or when a loved one passes away. 

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These challenging times can be overwhelming, and leave you feeling like you're drowning. But there are ways that you can navigate through them with grace and self compassion. Everyone will have extremely rough periods and rock bottoms. Understanding that difficult moments are a part of life and learning how to handle them properly can help you become stronger and more resilient. Here are some suggestions on how to approach hard periods with a mindset that fosters growth and healing.

Go Ahead and Just Acknowledge How You’re Feeling

One of the worst things you can do is bottle up your feelings. The more you do that, the bigger the problem will become. So the first step in handling difficult periods in life is to acknowledge your feelings. It’s important to accept and realize that it’s okay to feel sad, angry, frustrated or overwhelmed.

These emotions are natural responses to challenging situations and you need to give yourself permission to experience your emotions without judgment. Bottling up your feelings will only lead to increased stress and anxiety. So allow yourself to process what you’re going through by talking to a trusted friend, journaling or seeking professional support.

Focus Only On What You Can Control

When faced with difficult situations, it’s easy to feel powerless. Almost everyone is going to feel this way in difficult situations. So try to focus only on what you are able to control. This can help you regain a sense of agency. You should try to focus on sticking to a routine, setting achievable goals or finding healthy ways to distract yourself. 

Just try your best and only concentrate on things that you can influence to help reduce your feelings of helplessness and take proactive steps toward healing. Otherwise that helpless feeling will eventually grow into anger. 

You’ll Need Healthy Coping Mechanisms

It's important to find some healthy coping mechanisms to utilize because unhealthy ones will bleed into your daily life and cause even more problems for you. For example, turning to alcohol could result in you developing an alcohol dependency. So no matter how mad you get at the world and your circumstances, try to find some more healthy options that will promote relaxation and your well being.

You could try something like micro-dosing on 1:1 CBD & THC gummies, because CBD is known for having a calming effect. Micro-dosing is suggested because higher doses could result in dependency, while these smaller amounts are safe. Other things you could try are doing hobbies, exercising, yoga or meditation. The important thing is that you make sure that your coping mechanisms are healthy! 


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