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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Chasing Feel Good Vibes

We always seem to be on a constant quest for happiness and well being. And to achieve this pursuit, we often explore various methods to boost our mood. These may range from proven techniques like yoga or mindfulness practices, to more unusual alternatives like finding simple comfort in watching paint dry. Let's discuss some of the good, bad and ugly ways that people try to elevate their feelings of well being.


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The Good: Tried and True Methods

  • Exercise: Breaking a sweat can release feel good endorphins. From high intensity interval workouts and yoga classes to nature walks and running marathons, regular physical activity has proven its mental health benefits countless times over.

  • Eating Healthy: Eating is the foundation of life, and it has long been noted that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can significantly boost our emotional well being. Nutritional psychiatry is also becoming an emerging field that highlights the connection between diet and mental well being.

  • Meaningful Connections: Humans are social creatures. And genuine, meaningful interactions with friends, family or even pets can significantly boost our mood and give us a sense of belonging. In an age where digital isolation reigns supreme, engaging with someone directly can be refreshingly transformative.

The Bad: Quick Fixes with a Catch

  • Retail Therapy: While purchasing something new can provide a temporary high, its effects can quickly fade away, leaving behind potential financial strain and the realization that happiness cannot be bought.

  • Binge Watching: While binging can feel therapeutic in the moment, too much screen time leads to sleep disruption and feelings of being wasteful with our time. It also results in fewer opportunities to experience life first hand and build connections in person. As with anything, moderation is key.

  • Junk Food: Junk food is a form of retail therapy for your taste buds. Although the instant gratification you get from eating it can provide short term happiness, the long term effects on your physical health and mental well being can be devastating. Treats are acceptable in moderation, but eating healthy is key for maintaining your overall well being and happiness.

The Ugly: Downright Harmful Methods

  • Substance Abuse: Using drugs and alcohol to enhance your mood can quickly lead to dependency. And this can have serious health and social consequences that will far outweigh any temporary relief you get from them. Click here for further drug detoxing info.

  • Extreme Overuse of Social Media: While excessive use of social media may appear less detrimental to your mental and physical health than substance abuse, social media's endless search for validation and comparison can have serious repercussions for your self esteem and well being.

  • Overworking: Living in a culture where we always seem to be busy, it's easy to develop the habit of overworking in order to feel valued or accomplished. This habit often leads to feelings of burnout and it affects both your physical and mental well being.

Conclusion: A Balanced Path to Well Being

Understanding and embracing all that's good while ignoring or rejecting what's bad and ugly is key to finding true happiness. Real and lasting satisfaction comes from engaging in physical activity, healthy eating habits and meaningful social interactions. Quick fixes won't deliver lasting happiness. Genuine well being lies in sustainable, healthy habits rather than those short lived momentary highs. So you need to find a good balance between the two.




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