Thursday, August 31, 2023

Look Incredible, No Matter What Life Throws At You

How do you look incredible, no matter what life throws at you? The answer is stranger than you might think. Looking great while facing stress at work or in your relationships might be challenging, but it's still something you can pull off with the right approach. 

But what should you be doing, exactly?

That’s what we’re about to find out. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can look and feel great, even if life is wearing you down. Just because things aren’t working out how you’d hoped, doesn’t mean you can’t still put your best foot forward and wow everyone with your appearance. 

So what should you be doing, besides the basics?


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Eat High Value Foods


Eating healthy means different things to different people, but most nutritionists agree that we should be eating high value foods. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices contain compounds that protect our bodies from damage and will help us feel our best, most of the time. Good examples of high value foods include broccoli, spinach, persimmons, passion fruit, oregano, cumin and turmeric. They all contain essential phytochemicals that support your body’s health and make you more robust, even if you’re short on sleep or have been working for eleven hours straight.


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Get Your Spirituality In Check


Have you ever noticed that the most spiritual people seem to be the least concerned about their current living situation? These individuals draw on an inner power that lets them face life’s challenges with a smile on their face, keeping their emotions constant. Even if the world is falling down around them. Spirituality isn’t just for monks in a monastery or temple. It’s something everyone can access with the right discipline and perspective. Anyone can learn to use the power of spirituality to better their life. 

Take Supplements

Supplements are like little pockets of incredible nutrition that powerfully alter how your body’s biochemistry works. Eating the right ones can make a tremendous difference in how you feel and perform. For example, cardarine is a highly metabolically active compound that can help return you to a healthy weight, even if you're struggling to keep off the pounds. 

Hyaluronic acid is another strong candidate. This substance has profound effects on skin, bone and nail health. It can help your tissues remain supple and avoid some of the stiffness that commonly comes with age. 

You can also try age-reversal supplements, like NMN or fucoidan. These substances tell cells to go into repair mode and allocate more resources to maintenance. 


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Cycle To Work


Cycling to work is another way to stay youthful and energetic, even into your forties and fifties. Bikes have a unique ability to exercise and relax the body at the same time, helping you get into a flow state. Riding a bicycle to work is an easy way to include it in your routine. It can reduce your cortisol levels and help to prevent work related stress from spiking your insulin.




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