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Bad Hair Habits That Men Should Avoid

Most men would agree that your hair is a significant part of your appearance. As a result, many hair enthusiasts are determined to explore all hairstyles. It's perfectly fine not to be afraid of committing to adventurous looks. But you need to know where to draw the line because you can easily damage your hair if you do too much to it. Your everyday habits can lead to split ends, thinning, frayed hair and other issues. That's why understanding and avoiding them is important. Here are a few you should keep in mind. 


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Showering With Scalding Hot Water 

When it's freezing cold outside, you might want to warm yourself up by taking a hot shower. If you do this, you should make it a point not to drench your scalp in extremely hot water because this can cause extremely frizzy hair. Long hot showers can also strip your scalp of essential oils, leading to dryness, irritation and dandruff. This can be particularly embarrassing because the dry white skin flakes will drop on your shirt every time you scratch your head. It's much better to bathe in moderately warm water to enjoy the comfort without damaging your hair. 


Trying New Hair Colors More Often Than Necessary 

Maybe you're one of those adventuress guys known for changing your hair color more frequently than others. While you may make a name for yourself, your hair may take the brunt of this habit. Permanent dyes are loaded with peroxide and ammonia, both of which are toxic substances that can destroy your hair’s natural hue and open its cuticles. They can break down your hair proteins and accelerate the loss of hair lipids. 

People often think they can escape these consequences by utilizing semi-permanent dyes, but the effects are only slightly less severe than the long lasting dyes. Ideally you should avoid these products completely. But if the eccentric in you doesn’t allow this, consider using temporary dyes since they don’t penetrate the outer shaft and can be washed out with one shampooing. And you should wait at least six to eight weeks between each dying to reduce damage. 


Braiding or Tying Your Hair Too Tight 

Braided hairstyles are very stylish and popular. It's an excellent way to add flair to your long hair without stressing it. Braids also give your appearance a roguish edge while offering your tresses the protection it needs. But you shouldn't braid your hair too too tightly. Extremely tight braids can uproot the hair follicles and cause baldness. You should also be careful of the classic man bun because it can cause traction alopecia. The desire to achieve a specific look isn't reason enough to destroy your hair. Instead, speak to your stylist for ideas on better hairstyle options that won't cause damage. And if your heart is set on braids or a man bun, make sure it isn't excessively stiff tight. If you see raised bumps it's a clear indication that you're stressing your hair, so don't ignore it. 


Applying Chemicals 

If you’re bored of your curls and want a straight hair look, leveraging chemical relaxers offer quick results that can last for weeks. But don’t get carried away because they aren’t without risks. Continuous use of these products can lead to weak or brittle tresses, scalp burns and hair loss. This is caused by the products penetrating the cuticles and the cortex layers to loosen your curls. Even though using relaxers isn't advised, a lot of people still do it. Learning to use them correctly can help to prevent or at least reduce the damage. 

If you're trying to achieve a longer and straighter hairstyle, consider using hair extensions for men instead of chemicals. This may come as a surprise, but hair extensions aren't just for women. Extensions can be used to add length, volume, texture and thickness to men’s hair as well. A professional stylist can determine which extension works best with your hair texture to achieve your desired look. 


Smoking More Often Than Recommended 

Many studies focus on the devastating effects of smoking on the lungs, eyes and overall immune system. But did you know that this habit can also affect your scalp and hair? Smoking triggers the release of cytokines, which triggers hair follicle scarring and inflammation. This can result in your hair falling out, not to mention the fact that the toxic fumes in your system can signal your body to produce free radicals that can destroy your hair’s DNA and inhibit its growth. So the risk of losing your hair is another of the many risks of smoking. 


Sleeping the Wrong Way 

You've had a very stressful day and want nothing more than to jump in bed and take a nap. But maybe you should reconsider that idea. Following the right sleep routine is a big part of maintaining healthy hair. It's a good idea to give your hair a thorough washing to eliminate excess oil, and then dry it before sleeping. Hair experts recommend investing in satin, linen or silk pillowcases to prevent friction and fizzy strands. 


Drying Your Mane With a Blow Dryer 

When you're in a hurry and your hair is dripping wet, you're naturally going to be tempted to use a blow dryer. While this is convenient, using it wrongly can do more harm than good. Continuously blow drying wet hair with high heat can crack hair cuticles, which is bad news if you love your tresses. It's important to wring out as much of the excess water as possible before blow drying your hair. Using the medium heat setting on your blow dryer along with a high air speed will reward you with the best results. 




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