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Dressing In Style For Your Summer Trip

When it comes to building memories on your trips, it’s not just where you’re traveling to - but who you’re traveling with. You should also think about the clothes you'll wear while on vacation. A lot of people look at old vacation photos and say to themselves, “What was I thinking wearing this?” It's not always about dressing trendy. Sometimes it’s about dressing dressing is style. Let's discuss some of the ways to achieve this on your upcoming summer trip.


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Always Pick Neutrals

Having a neutral wardrobe is the key to packing light for a vacation. That doesn’t mean leaving out the bright red dress if it’s your favorite, but it does make it easier to coordinate outfits and get multiple wears out of each item. A good way to add some personality to your neutrals is by introducing a light contrasting color such as white, ivory or beige. Adding one of these colors to your outfit will instantly lift the overall look and bring it out of the neutral rut it can sometimes fall into. 

Similarly, adding in a bit of pattern can lift neutrals from the dull to the stylish.  This is especially apparent if you’re getting mens twill shirts for your partner, child or whoever is coming along with you on the trip. But regardless of age or gender, neutrals are the way to go!

Dress in Natural Fibers

You’ll look and feel elegant, but most importantly, you’ll feel comfortable too! Whether it’s a city trip or a visit to the beach, natural fibers are the way to go. When dressing for the hotter months, your clothing should be natural, loose, breathable and preferably a light color. It’s all about being comfortable, not just stylish. You essentially need one in order to have the other. While synthetic fibers are tightly woven, natural fibers are soft, loose and easier to wear overall. So you’ll be doing yourself a favor by choosing clothes made from linen and cotton.

For Sporty Group Getaways

If you're traveling with a group or team, you can show your support by wearing a team jacket or uniform like the ones available from Branded Originals.  Even if you're not traveling with the team, you can still show your support by wearing a custom hoodie, t-shirt or sweatpants. It's a great way to show support and look stylish at the same time!

Don’t Forget the Accessories

From city trips, resorts or even a cruise, the number one way for anyone to look stylish (even in the summer) would be through accessorizing. While it’s important to pack outfits that will keep you comfortable and chic on your vacation, you should also remember to pack your accessories to complete your outfit. Scarves, sun hats and patterned blouses can act as eye catching focal points for your basic wardrobe pieces. And if you don’t have these items at home, buying them when you reach your destination can be a fun way to add that local flair to your vacation wardrobe. This will also give you a great memento to take home!

In the end, it’s going to be up to you you decide what's stylish and what's not. But you also need to keep your suitcase in mind, because it determines how much you can pack. So having a versatile wardrobe that can mix and match to create many looks is key to looking stylish on your summer trip!



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