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6 Helpful Tips For Relieving Anxiety

Statistics show anxiety disorders affect almost 40 million American adults. Teens are also susceptible to this condition. Admittedly, people can feel anxious when stressed to their limit. Fortunately, relieving your symptoms will allow you to relax. Here are six helpful tips to help you achieve the desired results. 


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1. Take A Moment To Breathe Deeply

When your anxiety episodes roll in, you’ll find it helpful to pause and breathe deeply to calm yourself. You can sit and breathe through your nose, holding your breath for at least 3 counts before exhaling. This procedure promotes muscle relaxation in your face, jaws, abdomen and shoulders. It also slows your heart rate and improves your blood pressure, so keep this in mind. 

2. Reduce Your Phone Use And Screen Time

Smartphones and computers are indispensable assets in your daily life. You use your cell phone to perform simple tasks like calling, texting and checking your social media accounts. However, smartphone addiction increases your stress level and anxiety. This is often due to comparing your life with what people post online. To avoid this, reduce your screen time to improve your psychological well being. Additionally, your sleep quality may improve when you reduce your phone usage.

3. Say No To Heavy Drinking And Caffeine

It’s worth noting that excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to increased anxiety disorders. Binge drinking is thought to disrupt the balance of your neurotransmitters, which are responsible for a positive mood. On the other hand, monitoring your drinking habits can decrease your tendency to feel anxious and depressed. It’s advisable to also avoid caffeine when you have issues with chronic anxiety. Studies reveal caffeine can cause nervousness and spark panic attacks, worsening your anxiety in the process.

4. Listen To Good Music

One study in 2015 found out mild or severe anxiety patients found relief by listening to good music. So create a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to whenever you feel anxiety creeping up. Update the playlist on your phone regularly to keep it up to date and full of good songs. If you're a good singer, consider singing karaoke to release endorphins and oxytocin when your anxiety builds up.

5. Try CBD Products

Recreational cannabis has also been thought to be useful in managing anxiety and stress. The relaxation of marijuana laws in the United States opened the floodgates for researchers to learn more about the medicinal benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). Anecdotal evidence suggests CBD helps alleviate anxiety by binding to receptors that control fear. You can consider investing in premium preroll packaging to enjoy the full benefits.

6. Balance Your Diet

Mood swings can arise from eating a poor diet. Artificial flavorings, preservatives and other processed food chemicals can cause serious concerns about anxiety. If your symptoms worsen after eating, you probably lack a balanced diet. Start incorporating more fruits, veggies, carbs and lean protein into your diet to stay healthy. Fortunately, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. You can find lots of recipes for nutritious and tasty dishes online.


Hopefully these tips will help you find relief from your anxiety symptoms and let you relax and enjoy your life.



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