Sunday, February 12, 2023

Extra Duty, Premium Tennis Balls

I received this product from Qranc for review.  If your Valentine likes to play tennis, why not plan a romantic tennis game for Valentine's Day?  They will love the fact that you are making the effort to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.  But if you're not into playing tennis yourself, gifting these Qranc tennis balls is a great alternative!


Crafted to professional standards, Qranc’s Fifth Ave Extra Duty tennis ball ($19.98 for a one time purchase of a set of three 3 packs or $18.98 when you subscribe and save 5%) is ideal for playing on hard courts and approved for competitive play by the ITF.  They have a natural rubber interior that gives them a consistent feel and bounce while you're playing.  They're also covered in a premium wool felt that gives them minimal wear and long lasting consistency.

Thanks to their design, these balls have exceptional control and durability.  They will easily outplay and outlast any legacy brand's balls.   And did I mention that Qranc serves premium tennis balls approved for tournament play directly to your door?   They're cutting out the middleman for the best service on the market.

Enjoy a romantic tennis match with you Valentine using Qranc's Fifth Ave Extra Duty tennis balls!

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