Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Cook Your Meat To Perfection

I received this product from The MeatStick for review.  If you're planning to cook a nice romantic dinner for your Valentine, The MeatStick can help you achieve meat perfection every time.  Using the smart wireless meat thermometer for every cook ensures that you will never worry about overcooking again.

The newest addition to The MeatStick family of Wireless Meat Thermometers is The MeatStick 4X Set ($124.99), which is launching today!

It features
Next-Gen Quad Sensors and TruTemp
Technology.  Using the quad sensors (1 from the ceramic handle and 3 from the stainless steel probe) and advanced TruTemp technology The MeatStick 4X delivers the most accurate and real time temperature readings on the market.

Thanks to its patented Dual-Shell
technology, The MeatStick 4X can withstand intense heat up to 572°F, and the stainless steel probe up to 212°F.  It's completely waterproof and dishwasher safe, making it versatile and durable enough for any grilling situation, and cleanup is fast and easy.  It's even safe to use in the deep fryer!  The MeatStick 4X charger has a wireless range of up to 650ft/200m and a battery life of up to 70+ hours.


The MeatStick 4X is super simple to use.  Just insert it into your cut of meat, choose your method and monitor it with the app as it cooks!  The result is meat cooked to perfection!  No need to worry about it being under cooked or over cooked.  It will be perfect every time! 

What better way to spoil and impress your Valentine than serving them a delicious and romantic dinner of perfectly cooked steaks!  The MeatStick 4X will make sure those steaks are perfect!

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