Monday, December 26, 2022

A Unique Way To Create An Outdoor Sign for Any Occasion

I received this product from Plata Chalkboards for review.  If you'd like a way to make a unique message sign for your porch, whether it be holiday greetings, birthday announcements or just a message to give your friends and neighbors and uplifting inspirational message, then this product is for you.

This Porch Chalkboard and Stencil Kit ($79.99) is a great way to create a unique message sign of your front porch.  At 58" (that's almost 5'), this vertical porch sign chalkboard will make a big impression.  And you can easily change it as needed to reflect the current holiday or occasion by simply washing the existing message away with vinegar or rubbing alcohol and Magic Eraser.  Then you can create a new message using the magnetic letter chalkboard stencils and waterproof paint chalk markers.

Make it a family activity as you create your own personalized holiday chalkboard signs for all of the various holidays, or create a personalized sign with your last name or simply a one of a kind welcome sign.  Even young children can help!  This kit includes everything you need:

  • Giant Chalkboard 
  • Alphabets of magnetic letter stencils
  • 6 Colorful Paint Chalk Markers

The board itself measures 58" x 7" x .5" and is made of magnetic steel non-porous chalkboard.  Unlike most other chalkboards, the ones from Platta have a non-porous surface that wipes clean without leaving "ghosting" or traces of previous designs.

The kit includes a set of 4.5" Alphabet of Capital Magnetic Letter Stencils and a set of 1"-1.8" Alphabet of Lowercase Magnetic Cursive Letter Stencils.  Each set includes extra A and E letters to let you create a lot of words on your sign!

The kit also comes with a set of Waterproof Chalk Paint Markers in 6 Vibrant Colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White).  The colors will make your designs pop and waterproof formula means your art will not disappear in the rain!  These markers are made with a water based formula that is waterproof on the chalkboard, yet easily dissolves when rubbed with a Magic Eraser and vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

These kits let you create awesome signs for your porch that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.  They also make excellent gifts.  Valentine's Day is coming up soon, so why not use it to create a special and romantic sign that declares your love for your Valentine?

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