Sunday, November 20, 2022

For The Gamer On Your Gift List

I received this product from LucidSound for review.  If you have a gamer on your gift list, one thing that they always need is a good gaming headset.  They want good quality sound so they can get the full benefit of the audio as they play and chat with other team mates, as well as a good quality mic that ensures that the other players can hear them when they speak through it.  LucidSound offers a selection of good quality headsets that go above and beyond the needs of any gamer.  Let me tell you about the one that I received for this review.

The LS41 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset ($199.99) were designed for form and function.  It was
developed with gamers specifically in mind, with everything from the innovative interface to the great comfort and style.  It has intuitive controls for game volume, chat volume, game and mic mute that gives you effortless access while playing. 

The LS41 is comfortable for every size head with specially designed ear cushions to reduce fatigue for long gaming sessions. 
Their ultra plush, easily replaceable gel cooled oval earcups deliver superior comfort during long play sessions.

The chat configuration for the different devices this headset is compatible with are as follows:
  • PS4 | PS4 Pro:  Game and chat audio: wireless 
  • PS4 Slim | PS5:  Game and chat audio: wireless; controls not separated.
  • Xbox One:  Game audio: wireless; Chat audio: 3.5mm cable to controller (included) 
  • Xbox Series X|S:  Game and chat audio: 3.5mm cable to controller (included)
  • PC:  Game and Chat audio: wireless 
  • Mobile:  3.5mm cable (included)

It has tons of awesome features that every gamer needs.  These features include:

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR CHAT WITH DUAL MICS:  The convenient dual mic system includes a detachable, flexible boom mic with LED mic mute indicator for crystal clear team chat.  Removing the boom mic will activate a secondary mic that's perfect for both mobile gaming and calls. 
  • INTUITIVE CONTROLS:  You can easily control the audio and the chat without breaking your concentration via the earcup quick access controls.  This includes a game/chat balance control. 
  • MIC MONITORING:  Mic monitoring is a convenient feature which lets you hear your own voice in the headset, just as others hear you.  This is convenient for letting you know how loud you should be talking. 
  • 20 HOUR BATTERY:  The rechargeable battery delivers up to 20 hours per charge 
  • PREMIUM DESIGN:   This headset has a flexible headrail and solid metal touchpoints for strength, durability and a premium feel.  The included plush lined travel bag with an interior accessories pocket makes it easy to take your headset along with you everywhere you go.
This headset is a must have for any gamer.  It delivers lag free and interference free wireless audio, which is a must for active gamers.  It's lightweight and comfortable to wear, which is essential for gamers who spend hours at a time playing.

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