Saturday, November 12, 2022

Curl Up With A Good Book

I received these books from Printers Row Publishing Group for review.  Nothing feels cozier in the winter than to curl up up with a warm, cuddly blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.  So naturally books make excellent gifts for Christmas!  Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for someone on your gift list, or you just want a good book for yourself, Printers Row Publishing Group has something for everyone!  Here are just a few examples:

Blippi Music Player Storybook ($19.99) by Maggie Fischer:  When a super sports car speeds past Blippi one day, he begins to wonder
what would be the perfect vehicle for him.  Would it be a sports car, a fire truck, an excavator, a boat, an airplane or something else?  Read this humorous story and follow the prompts on the page to play the discs that come with the music player.  You’ll hear Blippi speak about each kind of vehicle and listen to tunes based on some of his most popular songs.  There are 12 instrumental tunes in all, and Blippi introduces each one!

This book from Studio Fun International is the perfect gift for kids age 2-5!

Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle Book ($16.99) by Moira Squier:
  Explore the hidden corners of the Wizarding World with Harry, Ron and Hermione.  This book includes nine 96 piece jigsaw puzzles for you to piece together, each of which features a memorable scene from the films that showcases a location on the magical Marauder’s Map.  Each puzzle is accompanied by an editorial recounting memorable movie moments, giving readers further insight about the importance of the map locations as Harry navigates the Hogwarts grounds.  As a bonus, the back side of each puzzle contains a segment of the Marauder’s Map, and when laid out side by side, the nine puzzles form the entire map along with a secret message!  The puzzles all fit into individual recessed trays in the book’s pages, with the map segments printed in the tray to serve as a puzzle key.  

This unique book of puzzles from Thunder Bay Press is perfect for jigsaw fans of all ages!

The Brothers Grimm Cookbook ($19.99) by Robert Tuesley Anderson:  The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are full of memorable characters, dark settings, life lessons — and delicious food.  The Brothers Grimm Cookbook is a collection of more than 50 recipes inspired by the short stories of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, which were originally published in the early 19th century and continue to fascinate readers today.  From starting your day with a plate of Clever Hans’s Sticky Bacon and
Onion Pan Fry to celebrating the holidays with Hansel and Gretel’s
Gingerbread House, there’s a recipe for every meal and occasion in this
fascinating cookbook.  Scholarly essays that examine the role of specific
foods in the fairy tales accompany the recipes, allowing readers to
immerse themselves even more deeply in the compelling world of the
Brothers Grimm.

This book from Thunder Bay Press is perfect for all ages!

Jane Austen's Table ($19.99) by Robert Tuesley Anderson:  This beautiful collection of more than 50 recipes inspired by the novels of Jane Austen.  It brings readers a sumptuous array of dishes that capture all the spirit and verve of Austen’s world and the Regency era, adapted and reimagined for the modern day.  With recipes such as Charles Bingley’s White Soup, Box Hill Picnic Pies, General Tilney’s Hot Chocolate and Donwell Abbey Strawberry and Rose Delice, you’ll be able to serve breakfast, prepare tea, go on a picnic or sit down for a posh dinner in the same style as your favorite characters from Austen’s stories.

This book from Thunder Bay Press is perfect for any Jane Austen fan!

Power Bites ($14.99) by Christine Bailey and Heather Thomas:  These healthy and delicious recipes for bite size snacks are perfect for your next picnic, cocktail party or potluck.  Each of these 60 recipes developed by nutritional experts is tailored for those who follow a healthy lifestyle, with snacks suitable for keto, paleo, vegetarian and gluten free diets.  From cheesy mini meatballs to nutty brownie bites, you’ll find a wide variety of scrumptious, healthy snacks in this book packed with full color photos and easy to follow instructions.  Each recipe includes a nutritional breakdown of calories, fat, carbohydrate, sugar and protein per serving.

This book from Thunder Bay Press is perfect for anyone who is looking for healthy snack ideas!

Baking Imperfect ($24.99) by Lottie Bedlow:  Author and chef Lottie Bedlow — a fan favorite on the television show The Great British Bake Off — will guide you through dozens of tasty recipes with her trademark wit and easygoing nature.  Her recipes help bakers of all abilities feel confident and comfortable in the kitchen.  From easy cookies and puddings to more elaborate cakes and pastries, each recipe in this book will score points where it matters the most — on the taste buds.

This book from Thunder Bay Press is perfect for all ages!

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