Monday, October 3, 2022

This Dice Game Is A Fun Way For Kids To Master Math

I received this product from Semper Smart Games for review.  Are you looking for a fun way to help your kids master math?  Many kids find flash cards to be boring, so they aren't always effective.  But imagine a fun dice game that will also help kids sharpen their math skills and master essential building blocks for higher academic achievement.

PlaySmart Dice: Deluxe Edition ($12.95) is a uniquely numbered Dice system that will improve kids' math skills as they play fun games. It's been newly revamped and has taken the #1 spot for New Releases in Amazon Lauchpad Toys. You can also find it on the Semper Smart Games website and Barnes & Noble stores across the US or online.

In this Deluxe Edition, you get 4 patent pending PlaySmart Dice, 1 travel bag, a rule book with instructions for 11 math games and 20 chips.  It's designed for all learners age 6 and up, so the games range from simple to more complex.  No matter what learning level your child is at, they will enjoy this game.

These games target harder to learn number combinations, helping your child master essential mental math while building up self confidence.  And they can play anywhere and anytime!  The carry bag makes it simple to take it along with you on family trips, outings or visits.  Kids can become a math whiz in just minutes a day!  And the games are so fun that they might even forget that they are learning!

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