Sunday, October 16, 2022

Exquisitely Delicious Coffee

I received these products from Red Rooster Coffee for review.  If you're a coffee lover, you're probably always on the lookout for the perfect brew.  Red Rooster roasts coffees of exceptional quality, while honoring a social and environmental responsibility.  They offer a variety of delicious coffees in different roasts and blends, as well as equipment, merchandise, tea and syrups.  I was lucky enough to try a few of their coffees and syrups.

Waxwing All Purpose Blend (12 oz. Bag - $15):  This is a versatile blend that is roasted to the darker side of medium.  It's a great option for both espresso and filter coffee, making it a truly all purpose coffee.  Use it as espresso and you'll get a delicious flavor of dark chocolate and smooth, buttery caramel.  If you choose to brew it as drip coffee, you'll still taste that rich, dark chocolate, but you'll also discover nougat and a citrus like sweetness.

Organic Nicaragua (12 oz. Bag - $17):   Alta de Jinotega is their current organic Nicaraguan coffee.  This coffee is fully washed and patio dried.  It's sourced from family owned farms organized around Cooperativa Multifuncional Family Coffee R.L. or COMULFAC in Jinotega, Nicaragua.  It will delight your taste buds with notes of dark cocoa and sweet black cherry with a clean finish.

El Salvador Finca Hungria (12 oz. Bag - $18):  When you take a drink of this coffee, your mouth will be filled with the flavor of creamy dark chocolate that's balanced with charred citrus and the sweetness of graham crackers.  Established in the 1930's, Finca Hungria is an organic farm that also carries the Rainforest Alliance and SMBC certifications.

Single Origin Chocolate Syrup (16 fl. oz. - $18):   This decadent chocolate syrup is made using a single origin, natural cocoa from Ghana.  With tasting notes of coconut, berries and caramel, it can be enjoyed in many ways.  It's equally delicious in coffee, hot chocolate and frozen drinks as it is drizzled over ice cream, fresh fruit or pancakes!

Vanilla Bean Syrup (16 fl. oz. - $16):   This syrup tastes rich and complex, not just sweet, and that's the way true vanilla flavor show be.  It has flecks of real vanilla bean that delivers a robust and creamy flavor.  Add it to coffee, cocktails, soda, desserts or drizzle over oatmeal.

Amber Caramel Syrup (16 fl.oz. - $16):   While the chocolate and the vanilla syrups that I tried are absolutely mouthwateringly delicious, this caramel syrup is by far my favorite!  It's a sophisticated twist on a sundae staple.  It's made with real caramelized organic sugar, giving it a rich and buttery flavor with just a hint of vanilla and sea salt.  It's made with only four all natural ingredients and works in everything from ice cream to iced coffee.  And believe it or not, it's also dairy free.

Whether you're shopping for yourself, looking for gift ideas, or just something to serve your guest during your holiday entertaining, Red Rooster gives you a great variety of delicious choices.

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