Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Decrease Pain and Increase Mobility

I received this product from SOLEX for review.  

If you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain, or need some help correcting some posture issues, then the SOLEX Posture Roller is just what you need!   It will be launching soon, and with a price of $69.99 this will make a great Christmas gift!  

The SOLEX Posture Roller restores your natural spine alignment, putting your spine in the optimal position for better circulation.  In doing so, it helps oxygenate your body, decrease pain, increase mobility and improve mood while decreasing recovery time!  You can also use it to strengthen your core muscles.  After using this roller, you will sleep better and have more energy than ever.

Using the SOLEX Posture Roller is quick and easy.  You can do anytime and anywhere.  And you'll get sweet relief from your pain in as little as 5-10 minutes.  It's super easy to use, simply lie down, align your spine and relax as the tension and tightness that has been built up simply melts away.

Realigning your spine isn't the only thing you can do with this roller.  You can use it like a traditional foam roller for all areas of your body, making this an invaluable tool to have.  You'll enjoy your life more when you say goodbye to the pain that has been weighing you down.

Dr. Aman Dhaliwal

The SOLEX Posture Roller was designed and perfected by Dr. Aman Dhaliwal.  She explains why she created it in this quote taken from the website:  

"As a doctor of physical therapy, I’ve seen many cases of shoulder, neck, and back pain.  To share my expertise and help as many people as possible decrease pain, increase mobility, and enjoy deep relaxation, I created the SOLEX Posture Roller!"

If someone on your guest list suffers from persistent pain, you really should consider gifting them a SOLEX Posture Roller for Christmas.  They'll love it! 

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