Saturday, October 15, 2022

A Multicultural Doll Inspired By South Asian Heritage

I received this product from Culturorama for review.  When shopping for dolls for your child, you can find them available in a wide array of skin tones.  But after noticing a lack of dolls that are culturally close to India or any other South Asian heritage, Culturorama decided to change that.  They are on a mission to provide every brown girl with a doll that she can identify with, see herself represented, and develop a sense of pride, power, and confidence. 

Tara ($44.99) is a beautiful 16" heirloom quality doll that will be loved and cherished forever.  Her wide black eyes, nose, smile and eyebrows are hand embroidered by women artisans in India.  She has a beautiful bindi on the center of her forehead and matching bangles on both hands.  Her hair is styled in braids and she wears traditional Indian clothes.  

Tara is soft and very huggable, and any little girl who receives her will want to take her everywhere.  She will also be loved by doll collectors of all ages as she adds some diversity in their collection.  

All of Culturorama's products are made in India by all women artisan groups.  They are both sustainable and organic, made with 100% cotton fabric, polyester staple fiber stuffing and wool hair.  Their beautiful handmade products are safe for both children and the environment, and are perfect gift ideas. 

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