Thursday, September 15, 2022

Fun and Easy Way For Kids To Learn To Play Chess

I received this product from Workman Publishing for review.  As the days grow colder with the onset of Fall, kids are spending more time indoors.  Learning to play chess is a great alternative to screen time and this book and starter kit is a fun and easy way for them to learn.

The Kids' Book of Chess and Starter Kit by Harvey Kidder  and illustrated by George Ermos ($22.95):  This is a revised and updated version to his original Kid's Book of Chess, which was originally written for his son and has taught generations of kids this classic game with over a million copies in print over the last 30 years.  

This is a complete set that comes with everything you need to play right out of the box.  It includes a how-to book and an instructional chessboard with helpful reminders on how each piece moves, both of which are beautifully illustrated.  Also included is a set of 32 chess pieces made of sturdy environmentally friendly cardboard that need to be assembled before playing.

The how-to book has 96 pages that are overflowing with colorful and engaging Instructions to help kids start playing right away, making the fundamentals of chess exciting and easy to understand.  It has easy to read step by step diagrams explaining everything from how to set up the board and make your first move, to more advanced moves like the famous “blitzkrieg”.

The instructions are grounded in the game’s medieval origins, and are complemented by charming illustrations that explain essential plays as well as the history of the game.  It makes it easy to imagine medieval knights riding on horseback across the battlefield while brave pawns march forward, all while improving their reasoning skills.

This Starter Kit is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn the game.  As they advance from beginner to Grandmaster, their concentration and reasoning skills will improve, and soon they will be ready to transition move on to a true chess set. 

With Christmas fast approaching, this would be a great gift choice.  And the included fabric storage bag makes it great for traveling as well.

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