Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Handwritten Notes and Cards

Everyone loves to receive cards and letters, whether it's for a birthday or other occasion, or just a note to say "hi" or "thank you".  Stores are full of preprinted and prewritten greeting cards to convey any message you can think of.  There are cards in every style:  serious, funny, religious, inspirational and more.  You can choose a card with a deeply heartfelt message of love and friendship, or a funny one with a good natured ribbing that will make the recipient laugh.  All of these are great options, and I have seen some truly beautiful cards.  But I think that the most meaningful ones are the ones that you take the time to write out by hand.

When you give a gift or do something nice for someone, it's always nice to receive a thank you.  Of course, you don't usually expect anything in return, but it's nice to know that you're appreciated enough to be told that you are.  You can buy "Thank You" cards in bulk if you need to send several of them, or singularly for those times when there's one particular person that you want to thank.  You can even use a
thank you card service to make it easier to send your thank you cards.

If you want to make your thank you card extra special, then try making it by hand yourself.  When someone receives a card that has been made by hand, they will appreciate the effort.  Sending a hand made card tells the recipient that you care about them enough to put in a little extra effort.  If you're not a crafty person, you can buy a blank card and write your own message inside by hand.  Handwritten messages are more impactful because your recipient will know that you took the time to write it personally.  Plus, they look classy.

Some people send their thank you messages via an email, and this is a good option.  There are times when you're simply not able to send a personalized card or message due to distance or time constraints.  For example, I now live far away from my family and old friends.  Sending a card or letter via the postal mail takes time, so I stay in touch via the internet.  But saying "thank you" in an email feels so impersonal to me.  I find it much more rewarding to send a handwritten thank you card.  And in my experience, people find it more meaningful as well.

If you're not sure how to word your handwritten thank you card, you can find a lot of note wording examples online to give you some ideas.  But I think the most important thing is to use words that come from your heart and convey your true feelings of gratitude and love.  If you have a poetical flare, write a short poem or a few words of rhyme.  If not, then simply write a note saying how thankful you are for what they did for you or gave you.  Just let them know how much it means to you.

If you're not feeling creative enough to make a completely hand made card, then purchase a greeting card and insert a handwritten letter inside it before you send it.  This will add a personal touch and your recipient will really appreciate it.  It's the personal touch and effort that I think is really important.  It conveys more of a feeling of love and warmth than it would without it.  


Everyone likes to feel loved and appreciated.  When someone does something for you, no matter how big or small, it's nice to acknowledge them by saying "thank you".  And in my experience, a handwritten "thank you" is the most appreciated way to say it.  The whole creation process makes me feel good and happy, and when I give it to someone, they are touched and happy to receive it.  So I highly recommend sending handwritten thank you cards when you want to express your gratitude.

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