Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Perfect Binders For All Students

I received these products from Case-it for review.  When preparing for a new school year, there are some standard school supplies that every student needs.  Of course, you have the basics:  pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.  But one of the big ones, especially for older students, is a good binder to store everything in.  Case-it has many styles of binders to choose from, and I was lucky enough to get to try out a few of them.


The X-Hugger 2.0 ($24.99) is perfect for middle school aged children (but it would also work equally as well for High Scool or College students).  It's available in your choice of colors (black, blue, purple, green or red) and it's a great way to organize your papers, folders, pens, pencils and other school needs.  And see that cool X on the cover?  That's not just there for looks. 
It's actually a unique X-hugger pouch where you can store textbooks, notebooks or any other large school item.  This 3 ring zipper binder has 2″ of capacity and a 5 subject file folder to organize and protect all of your documents.  It's full of interior pockets that let you organize your pens, pencils, calculator and other school supplies.  Like all Case-it binders, the X-Hugger is made with Kraft board to create a firm, stiff shape that will not buckle or warp.  It even comes with a handle and shoulder strap that makes it super easy to carry. 

The Universal 2" Zipper Binder ($26.99) has everything a high school student (or any student) could ever need in a binder.  It's available in your choice of colors (black, blue, green, purple or red) and
has an exterior tech pouch that fits up to a 13" laptop or tablet.  It has a cushioned pocket to help protect your valuable equipment from getting damaged, ensuring that your device remains in working order.  The 2" rings can hold up to 400 pages, giving you plenty of room for all of your important schoolwork papers.  It has a specially designed angled gusset made of a durable ripstop material with a unique pattern that stops punctures and prevents tearing.  There are also many pockets inside where you can store things like writing utensils, calculators and other personal items.  And the shoulder strap and carrying handle makes it super easy to carry.

Because college tends to require a bit more, The Workstation Deluxe ($31.99) is the perfect choice for a college binder.  You'll be able to set up the perfect desk for studying or working no matter where you are thanks to this unique combination of a zipper binder and a laptop case. 
It has two main compartments and three key features that make it the perfect mobile desktop.  It has a strong removable 3 ring binder that easily and securely stores up to 175 sheets of loose paper, allowing you to quickly flip through them without worrying about tearing the punched holes.  And because it's removable  from the main compartment, you can use it to take notes while working on your laptop.  The main compartment has an attached 5 tab 6 pocket expanding file folder for paper organization, and there are pen loops and a mesh pocket for storing writing utensils and small accessories.  You can also store a small laptop and/or tablet (up to 13") in the main compartment, your device will be securely held in place by velcro and elastic straps.  You can just unzip the laptop compartment, open your laptop and start working whenever and wherever you need to.  There are triangle stands that allow the file folder to stand at a 90 degree angle to create a compact work area, as well as privacy when working in a public setting.  Constructed for durability, this binder is also easy to carry with either a handle or shoulder strap.  It's ideal for work, school or travel.

The 5-Tab ($10.99) is the perfect way to add extra organization space to any 3 ring binder.  It has 6 individual pockets that can be securely closed with a velcro fastener and multi-colored plastic file folder tabs that can be labeled to keep everything organized.  It's light weight and simple to add to your binder.  Just slide the grommets over the O or D rings in your 3 ring binder and snap them closed.  You can fit nearly an inch of reports, homework or other paperwork in the expanding file folder.  It also has two rectangular mesh zipper pockets for storing a variety of writing tools, and an extra strong gusset for superior durability.  There's also a flap secured utility pocket on the front, that can hold a small notebook or calculator.  It's available in your choice of colors (black, blue, kelly green, purple or red) so you can coordinate it with your binder.

Check out the Case-it website to see their full selection and to ensure that the students in your family are fully prepared with the best binders for the new school year.


  1. Do you have review about "Ringless Binders" using flexible ties instead of rings. Just google it. The Ring binders seems outdated.

    1. Well, that's a matter of opinion. I think the binders in this review are awesome! But I will check out ringless binders!