Thursday, June 9, 2022

Design Your Own Clothes

I received this product from for review.  This is a great site that lets you design your own apparel and accessories.  Choose from a range of tees, hoodies, crops, tanks, accessories and more, and have your own image or wording printed on it to make it completely and uniquely yours.  Whether it's a photo, a drawing or just a favorite phrase or family quote, it's completely up to you!

My oldest daughter is a digital artist and she jumped at the chance to design a hoodie with her art printed on it.  And now she can't wait for the new school year to begin so she can show it off to her friends.  The website is super easy to navigate, and the design process is easy as well.

Screen Shot from

First you choose the product you want to customize, and then click on "customize".  This takes you to the design tool where you can add text and images from their gallery, backgrounds & patterns, clipart library, and more.  You can even choose "draw with your hand" and draw your own design directly on the product!  Or upload your own photos and use those instead.  If you're not sure what you want, then check out their Ideas & Templates for inspiration!

You can choose to add a design on the front, back, or both!  You also get to choose the color of your product.  Once you finish your design, you place your order for the size and quantity that you want.  There are no minimum orders, so order just one for yourself, or order one for all of your family and friends.  It's up to you!   

My daughter loves her hoodie and she's proud that she designed it herself.  She says it's super comfortable and it fits her really well.  It's a luxe quality cotton product that's local to Los Angeles where is based.  And I was surprised how quickly the hoodie was delivered.

Whether you're looking for some unique and customized clothing for Back To School, or t-shirts for an event or family reunion, is a great site to get them from!

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