Saturday, April 2, 2022

Vintage Wallpaper Making A Comeback

A friend of mine recently decide to redecorate her home, and I was surprised when she informed me that she wanted to use some vintage wallpaper on her walls.  I was skeptical because I thought it would make her home look dated and out of style, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  You've probably heard the saying "everything old is new again" and it turns out that vintage wallpaper is making a comeback.

My friend found a great collection of 1960s-1970s Wallpaper offered online by Astek Home, and she was able to find something for every room in her house.  She's a big fan of florals, and she found several prints that she liked in the 1960s Flower Wallpaper prints.  Her teenage daughter loved the 1970s Background prints and her toddler was thrilled with the zoo animal print from the 1970s Childrens Wallpaper prints.

I was pleasantly surprised when she gave me a tour of her newly remodeled home.  The prints she chose perfectly complimented each room, creating a cozy atmosphere with a nostalgic feel.  She did such a beautiful job that I am now weighing my options for doing something similar in my own home.  

I am not as retro as my friend, but I've been checking out the different available wallpaper prints in this collection.  There are several that are not as bold and in your face retro, but more of a relaxed and subtle design that would suit my style perfectly.  Maybe I should start with one room and see how it goes before committing to redecorate my entire home.  The only problem will be choosing which room and which of the beautiful prints!

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