Wednesday, April 27, 2022

All of Your Haircare Essentials In One Convenient Tool

I received this product from Sisi Spray N' Style for review.  Do you ever get frustrated over how much room your haircare products take up in your bag?  A quick trip to the gym, an overnight visit at a friend's house or a day at the beach can feel like you're packing for a month long vacation because you have so many products that you need to take along.  Even if you limit it to a brush, detangler spray and hair spray, that takes up A LOT of room.  But now there's a better way!

The Sisi Spray N' Style ($27) lets you eliminate all of the bulky bottles that take up so much space in your bag  by combining all of your haircare essentials into one convenient tool. 
Inspired by her daughter "Sisi," and a popular comb and spray combination from the ‘80s, founder Jessica Urzua added the modern needs of women today to create her own unique design.

Each Sisi Brush comes with three reusable spray bottles that can be filled with any hair product and stored inside the brush.  One bottle will already be inside your brush handle when you receive it! 
You can fill each of these interchangeable bottles with a different hair product.  Fill one with detangling products, another with leave in conditioner and the last with pre-heat treatments. 

If you struggle to brush your child's hair, then this brush is just what you need!  The Sisi Brush has an innovative curved brush head and uses a mix of boar hair bristles and nylon pins to gently detangle even the most snarled tangles.  It glides through knots to leave the hair smooth and soft. No more screaming, crying or hiding when it's time to brush your child's hair.

This brush is perfect for
parents, stylists and travelers.  Throw one in your gym bag or carry one in your purse so it will always be easily accessible.  It works equally well on wet and dry hair, so it is a must have addition for your beach bag. It's great for adults and children alike and works for all hair types. 

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