Saturday, March 5, 2022

Perfect For Easter

I received these products from Demeter for review.  If you're looking for a great alternative to candy to add to an Easter Basket for a teen girl, or as a surprise for any woman you care about, Demeter has many wonderful fragrances to choose from.  I was lucky enough to receive 4 different floral based scents that are perfect for Easter.  They will instantly bring to mind Springtime when flowers begin to bloom and you can smell them on the gentle breezes that caress your face and blow through your hair.


The traditional Easter Flower is the daffodil, so this Daffodil Pick Me Up Cologne is perfect as a basket stuffer.  Demeter based their subtile, yet playful floral scent on the Poeticus Daffodil, one of the many different types and variations of daffodils.  This is a very feminine and slightly sweet fragrance that is inspired by the living flower, rather than a concentrated, perfumed version.  Daffodils are known by other names, including Narcissus and Jonquil. They are linked to the Greek myth of Narcissus, who was so obsessed with his own reflection that as he knelt and gazed into a pool of water, he fell in and drowned.  The narcissus plant sprang up and marked the place where he died with its beautiful, fragrant blooms.

Demeter has captured the scent of the sweet living hyacinth flower in full bloom.  When you wear the Hyacinth Pick Me Up Cologne, you’ll feel like you’re standing in a field of Hyacinth.  If you close your eyes, you will almost feel the gentle breeze as it surrounds you in this extraordinary fragrance.

Native to China and Japan, the tiger lily flowers in July and August.  The bloom is an orange spotted color and it has a brightly sweet scent.  This Tiger Lily Pick Me Up Cologne captures this fragrance perfectly.  It's quite a unique fragrance that will transport your senses to a warm summer day.

Nothing is better on a sunny summer day than watermelon, and Demeter has turned this idea into an amazingly fresh fragrance.  Inspired by an imaginary flower, this Watermelon Blossom Pick Me Up Cologne brings to mind the freshest, most perfect watermelon, on a perfect summer’s day.  The fresh scent of a burst of watermelon settles into a soft and fresh floral foundation, centered with Jasmine, White Musk and Heliotrope.  You'll have the sensations of a beautiful sunny day no matter what the weather is actually like.

All of these fragrances and more are available on the Demeter website.  Browse their full selection and choose the perfect scent (or scents) for Easter gifting.

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