Sunday, February 13, 2022

Try A New Form of Intimacy This Valentine's Day

I received this product from Balldo for review.  A new Era in sex has arrived!  Balldo is the world’s first sex toy that will allow you to penetrate your partner with your balls.  

The Balldo Set Purple (also available in grey) is the gateway to your first ballsex experience and your first ballgasm!  The balldo is made from phthalate-free silicone.  The upper ring is super stretchy, so putting the balldo on and taking it off as easy as putting on your underwear.

The set comes with a balldo and two spacer rings to ensure that you have everything you need to start having fun.  Because the balls are super sensitive, the balldo stretches generously so it can easily be slipped over the balls when you put it on or take it off.  Once on, the balls are held inside a protective specially designed cage.  The patented inner core that surrounds the balls keeps the side legs firm, but still allows the upper ring to stretch wide open for ease of putting on and taking off.  This makes penetration and thrusting possible while keeping your balls safe.

The spacer rings are pulled over the balldo to push the balls further away from the body.  This effectively turns your balls into a second penis that never goes soft!  This is a whole new way to enjoy intimacy with your partner, and it's great for Valentine's Day!  It will provide a
unique feeling of stimulation for both the wearer and the recipient.  You can even visit the Balldo Instruction page to learn how to correctly apply and use your balldo.  It provides complete instructions for everything from manscaping to application - and even has a demonstration video that shows how to put it on.

This Valentine's Day, try something new.  Something that you and your sweetheart will both enjoy as you share a totally new experience.

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