Friday, January 21, 2022

Soft, Shiny Frizz Free Hair

I received these products from Simply Stylin' for review.

Simply Stylin' offers Pure Silicone products for superior hair styling.  It will give you beautiful, shiny hair that is super soft, tangle free and frizz free.  These products do not contain fillers and are concentrated to maximize the positive effects they have on hair.  Suitable for different types of hair (including coarse, fine, colored, relaxed, wavy, curly and straight), these products will help you achieve longer, healthier and shinier hair.  You can also use these products to restore hair extensions and wigs, making them look brand new again!

Simply Stylin' Silk Serum ($20) is made from pure silicones of the highest quality.  The
ingredients are blended over the course of a day to prevent them from breaking down and losing their benefits.  This
blending process is constantly optimized to achieve a smooth and silky hair serum that's easily applied to different areas of your hair.  It's non-greasy, has a wonderful clean fragrance and won't build up on your hair.

Simply Stylin’ Light Silk Spray ($20) is a light blend of top quality, pure silicones.  This unique spray is gently and briefly mixed so that it remains lightly formulated and can be easily sprayed on your hair or misted for a lighter coverage.  You can reapply the spray as needed during the day to give your hair a boost of smoothness, softness and shine.

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