Monday, January 31, 2022

Hone Your Skills in the Kitchen

I was given access to Rouxbe in exchange for this review.  Do you have dreams of being a professional chef?  Or do you just love to cook and want to improve your baking skills or knife skills?  Or perhaps you just want to learn new recipes to prepare for your family and you want to learn how to serve your dishes in a way that showcases them?  Well, you can learn all of that and more when you become a member of Rouxbe.  Rouxbe is the world's leading online culinary school.

This Valentine's Day, heat things up in your kitchen by cooking with your love.  Memberships with Rouxbe are just $9.99 per month, per person (or $99.99 for an annual membership).  You can choose what you want to learn, and you can learn at your own pace.  So learn what you want to learn, whether it's one particular thing, or everything!  Rouxbe has a
team of world class chef educators and former culinary school executives who are dedicated to teaching culinary technique through video, assessments and instructor interaction - all online.  And you can join no matter where you live in the world!

Rouxbe has so much to offer!  With your membership you will get access to to 75 lessons and hundreds of chef-created recipes.  There are also more than 12 courses ranging from pasta to knife skills.  You'll have personalized instructor support and grading, and you'll even get a Certificate of Completion upon graduating courses!  Rouxbe has over 300,000 students worldwide, and there's an engaged online community that supports your journey during and after class.

Get a membership for yourself, or get a gift card to give to your Valentine.  This is something that everyone will enjoy, and it will let you sharpen your culinary skills.  Whether you want to learn more about making bread, properly cooking meat or how to create beautiful cakes, you'll love your Rouxbe membership.  You'll amaze your family and friends with your new cooking skills and you'll be proud to cook for them.

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