Monday, January 10, 2022

A Unique Poster For Your Valentine

I received this product from Displate for review.  You may remember that I mentioned in a previous post that I was awaiting a sample from Displate, to review.  Well I have received it now and it is amazing!  I just had to include it in my Valentine's Day Guide.  They have a wide selection that includes comics, fantasy, animals, movies, bands and so much more!  You're sure to find the perfect poster for everyone.

So what is Displate?  It's a site that offers posters.  But these aren't your ordinary posters.  These posters are made of metal!  And you don't hang them on a nail on your wall, they come with magnetic mounts to securely hold them on your wall without causing any damage to your wallpaper or to the wall itself.  These posters will last a lifetime and them some, because they are metal instead of paper.  No more danger of accidentally ripping your favorite poster and having to replace it.

Another great thing about these posters is that you can customize them and make them truly your own.  You can choose the size you need to fit perfectly into any space.  You can choose whether you want a matte or glossy finish and whether to have a frame or not.  And if you choose a frame, they even give you options to choose from for frame colors!

Displate offers over 1.3 million artworks by over 40,000 artists to choose from.  So no matter what your tastes are, they have posters you will love!  They ship to most countries, just check their website to see if they ship to yours!

My husband and daughter are both huge Iron Maiden fans, so I got this awesome Eddie With A Heart poster.  It is so awesome!  The colors are so vivid and the artwork is crisp, clear and detailed.  This was just one of many designs, and it was so hard to choose just one! 

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