Monday, December 20, 2021

Prep Ahead And Stay Organized When You Cook

I received these products from Prepdeck for review.  If you have someone on your gift list who loves to cook, whether they're cooking at a professional level or just an every day home cook, they'll absolutely love Prepdeck!  These products will help you keep everything neat, clean and organized while you cook.  Check it out!

Prepdeck ($129) lets you say goodbye to a disorganized, messy, stressful cooking process.  Your counter will no longer be cluttered with mismatched containers, bowls, lids and prepping tools when you cook because it has a place for everything!

The base unit holds 8 tools and 15 containers all stored within it, plus there's room to store more!  It has a built in cutting board that connects magnetically and folds up to enclose the base for storage.  It has everything you need to measure, prep and store... it even has a pull out drawer that you can sweep the scraps that you cut off into.  When it's full you just pull it out and empty it!  It also doubles as a storage space for your favorite knives and tools when not in use.

It has containers in 4 sizes, each with measurement markings in cups, ounces and milliliters.  These containers include:

  • 5 large modular containers (holds up to 2½ cups) with air tight lids and an inner lip to nest smaller containers.
  • 2 medium containers that hold up to ½ cups each.  They're shallow and wide and you can use them to measure precise amounts of odd ingredients like juices or seeds.  
  • 2 small but deep containers that hold up to 1/4 cup.
  • 6 mini containers that allow you to precisely measure oils, spices and other small quantity ingredients.  These small containers hold up to 2½ tablespoons.

All containers are designed to stack so they will take up less space in your refrigerator when you're doing meal prepping and menu planning.

Nestled in a special drawer on one end of the base unit you'll find an assortment of BPA free lids and prepping tools.  These tools include a grater, zester, slicer, juicer, garlic crusher and a 4 in 1 multi use tool that you can use as a peeler, julienne peeler, stripper and a bottle opener.  These tools can be securely attached to the containers for ease of use.

You can get additional accessories to take your Prepdeck to the next level by purchasing the Prepdeck Plus Upgrade Kit ($40).  This Upgrade Kit includes:  

  • 2 additional large containers with lids - You can never have too many storage containers.
  • 1 additional cutting board - A second cutting board means no need to take the time to wash the board when switching from cutting meats to cutting vegetables.
  • 1 XL container set - It has twice the storage capacity.  It comes with a stackable lid and a divider.  It also has measurement markings.
  • 1 mobile device stand - It locks securely into the base unit and is strong enough to hold phones, tablets and cookbooks.  Keeps your recipe or tutorial where you can see it and protects it from the mess.
  • 1 360 measuring spoon - It's adjustable to any spoon measurement you may need.  No need to have multiple measuring spoons cluttering up your work space.
Prepdeck is available in several different finishes, so it's easy to match it with your decor.  It's easy to clean, it's even dishwasher safe.  It makes meal prep so easy that you'll wonder how you managed without it.

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