Thursday, December 2, 2021

Paint By Numbers Isn't Just For Kids

I received this product from Craft Ease for review.  When you think of a Paint By Number Kit, you probably think of those kits that you buy for kids to keep them occupied.  Well, Craft Ease offers kits for adults (of course kids can paint them too!) that result in true works of art.  It's a great way to relax and show off your artistic side.  They also offer quality Diamond Painting Kits, and you can even get a custom Paint By Number or Diamond Painting Kit made from one of your own photos!  Browse their site to see their full selection of awesome designs.  Let me tell you about the kit that I received...

With so many gorgeous designs to choose from, it was really hard to pick just one.  They have designs in beautiful landscapes, mystical fantasy, adorable animals and more!  But then I saw this one titled "I Am What I See" and fell in love with it.  Who could resist this cute little kitten that sees itself as a mighty white lion?

Each Rolled Canvas Kit comes with everything you need to recreate the artwork that you chose.  The things you get include a high grade linen fabric numbered canvas (securely rolled to avoid creases), ready to use acrylic paint pots with numbers corresponding to the canvas, a paint pot holder, 4 wooden paintbrushes in multiple tip sizes, a color guide and reference sheet, all stored inside a cute gift box.

One of these kits would make an awesome Christmas gift for anyone on your list.  They'll enjoy watching their very own masterpiece emerge as they follow the numbers to paint.  And the added bonus of being able to hang it on their wall when they're done makes it just perfect!  Why not get one for each member of your family, including yourself, and have a family paint party?

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