Monday, December 13, 2021

Kids Will Love This Magic Box

I received this product from Derek McKee for review.  Since 2003, magician Derek McKee has gone from child prodigy to one of the most important voices of the international magic scene.  With multiple businesses and accolades across the magic industry and strong relationships with some of the biggest names in the art, Derek has laid the blueprint of what it is to be a magician in the 21st century. 

Magic Box ($35) provides a new and exciting way for anyone to learn the art of magic. It's suitable for all ages, so this would be a great gift for any aspiring magician. 

Included in each Magic Box is a curated collection of fun and easy to perform tricks that will satisfy the most curious budding magician. It also includes a complimentary private membership to the online studio, which teaches over 100 tricks to help the student grow, practice and master the art of magic. 

By providing practical tools and engaging resources, Magic Box can also help students of magic develop a wider range of skills that add unexpected magic to their lives. They will build confidence through presenting and connecting with an audience, solve problems through critical thinking and creativity, learn to stay prepared through planning and self discipline and build fine motor skills through deliberate practice. Easy to learn and fun to perform, there’s a whole world of magic just waiting to be explored.

Derek McKee


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