Thursday, December 16, 2021

Fun and Challenging Puzzle

I received this product from Cloudberries for review.  They are based in the UK and they offer some of the most delightfully challenging and beautiful puzzles for adults.  While I was growing up, my family would often have a jigsaw puzzle in the works that the whole family worked on.  As I got older, it became a holiday tradition for my Mom and I to start a puzzle and work on it throughout the holiday season.  I live far away from my Mom now, but I still like to put puzzles together.  The more challenging the better.

Symmetry ($29.99) is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with artwork by the talented London based artist Matt Lyon.  It's so fun to work on because the pattern is so random, yet so precise, it requires you to use patience, persistence and a lot of trial and error to find connecting pieces.

You'll get lost in a vibrant world of colors and shapes in SYMMETRY.  It has swirling, colorful wheels, symmetrical geometric patterns and cool star motifs.  It’s perfect for puzzlers who are looking for an extra challenge.

Just look at all of the colors combined with the pattern and imagine how wonderfully challenging this puzzle is!   The mesmerising patterns on will definitely get your head spinning!  SYMMETRY is one of best jigsaws for grown ups.  It's a fun challenge for puzzle pros and newbies alike.  It's a great way to brighten up those winter evenings.

Cloudberries puzzles are designed in the UK and made in Europe, manufactured to the highest possible quality standards.   They have extra thick pieces with a premium matte linen finish, that fit together snugly with a satisfying "click".  Each puzzle includes a full size poster showing the design in detail.  Even the packaging is gorgeous!  Plus, for every puzzle sold they plant a tree.  Browse their website to see their full selection of puzzles ranging from 500 pieces to 2000 pieces.

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