Friday, December 17, 2021

Awesome Last Minute Gift Ideas

I received these products from J & K Inspirations for review.  If you're looking for some last minute gift ideas for Christmas, let me tell you about some awesome products.

If you have daughters, then you know that you can find scrunchies all over the house.  Except, of course, when you actually WANT to find one.  When you need one, they are nowhere to be found.  Well, the Joyora Acrylic Scrunchie Holder Stand ($18.97) solves that problem by keeping them all in one place, making them easy to find when you need one, but out of the way when you don't.  Plus, it looks really nice and makes a great addition to your daughter's bedroom or bathroom decor.  It's also a space saver because it frees up the drawer that you would normally try to keep the scrunchies in.  She'll love it, and you'll love it!

Another great space saver and organizer is the Joyora Hair Bow Holder ($24.99).  Like scrunchies, the hair bows that make your daughter look so adorable have a way of getting scattered throughout the house and lost.  But this holder will organize them all in one place, making it easy to see them all so you can quickly choose the perfect one to coordinate with her outfit.  Your bows won't get scrunched up, smashed or creased because they will be held safely in place.

This Wood Burning Kit from Art Class By Kim ($39.99) is perfect for a creative youngster age 12+ or adult.  They'll be able to create hundreds of Stunning Crafts with this wood burner.  The kit includes a treasure storage box and 4 coasters.  This wood burning kit pairs the pinnacle of craftworkers' tools with step by step training.  The kit contains a woodburning pen, sealife stencils (starfish, seashell, jellyfish and sea turtle), ABC stencils for perfect lettering, a hot pen stand to protect your work surface, carbon transfer pencil, embossing tool, tracing paper and a sand Eeraser. Plus four basswood coasters and a basswood treasure box  for storage. That's everything you need to craft your first stunning masterpiece immediately.


After a hard day of playing in the snow, my kids like to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.  These Hot Chocolate Spheres With Mini Marshmallows Inside from iHuggs ($19.99) is a quick and easy way to make it for them.  Just drop one in 6 oz of hot milk and let the fun begin.  Kids love watching the little chocolatey balls explode as it melts, releasing the marshmallows to float to the surface.  They balls of chocolate are gluten free, dye free and nut free.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Vanilla Latte Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

For the bigger kids and adults, iHuggs offers the XL bombs in three flavors:  Salted Caramel, Vanilla Latte and Peppermint ($13.97 each or $32.99 for a three pack containing one of each flavor).  It is just as satisfying for an adult to watch the marshmallows float to the surface after the chocolate bomb explodes.  Curl up on the couch with a creamy and delicious cup of hot chocolate, snuggle with the ones you love and watch your favorite Christmas shows.  Perfection. 

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