Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Luxurious Way To Unwind And Relax

I received this product from Kushed Candles for review.  They have a wonderful line of aromatherapy candles that you can use to bring harmony to your world through your wonderful sense of smell.  Candles always make wonderful Christmas gifts, and these hand poured, high grade, superior coconut wax blend candles infused with exotic essential oils and premium fragrances will be a new favorite!


Kushed Candles are available in a variety of scents and sizes and the prices range from $18 to $48 depending on which size you choose.  My favorite scent is the Creamsicle Kush.  This candle smells so incredibly good!  

This candle will fill your home with the sexy scent of a blend of mandarin, vanilla and hemp.  It's the perfect choice for a romantic evening, or if you just enjoy the calming effects of the aromatherapy.

Although this candle contains hemp, there is no THC.  It has a cotton wick, which makes it earth friendly and clean burning.  The smallest candle will burn for up to 25 hours, the largest will burn for up to 100 hours, so they are very long lasting.

Using this aromatherapy candle will help you feel more calm and can help relieve your stress.  Aromatherapy is an ancient art that uses a plant’s own natural essential oils to enhance mood and promote a sense of well being through our most primal sense – our sense of smell.  Hemp essential oil is one of the lesser known essential oils, and it has a sense of taboo.  But it provides a therapeutic aroma that helps balance your mind and body by releasing stress, relaxing your body and lifting your spirit.  Kushed Candles are infused with essential oils and fragrances.  Using them is a simple way to achieve the benefits of aromatherapy by transforming your environment and stimulating the senses.

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