Thursday, November 25, 2021

For The Football Lovers

I received this game from QB54 for review.


Created by brothers Michael and Frank Silva, QB54 ($139.99) is a complete, portable football game.  This ultimate football game is built into two usable camping chairs, each of which supports up to 275 lbs.  Each team scores points by making completions, touchdowns, interceptions and kicking extra points!  The first team to reach 54 wins.

This game can be played anywhere!  Take it to the beach, camping, family gatherings or tailgating.  You use the chairs as goalposts, tossing  and kicking the football to score points.  Once the game is over, you can sit in the chairs and talk about how much fun you had playing.  It’s the perfect outdoor set, simple to set up cleanup.

Each game set comes with everything you need to play.  It includes 2 Foldable Vinyl Canvas Chairs,
2 Sets of Yellow Goalposts, 1 Carrying Bag, 1 Football, 1 Kicking Tee and 1 Ball Pump with a Steel Needle.  It's available in a variety of colors as well.

This is a wonderful gift idea for any football fan.  It's perfect for kids and adults alike.  You'll love how easy it is to just throw in the car and take along with you as you travel.  It's easily accessible for family gatherings and a great way to spend a day with your friends.  

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