Monday, November 15, 2021

Conduct STEM Experiments With FriXion Pens

I received these products from Pilot Pen and for review.

Pilot Pen is teaming up with (the leaders STEM education) to help make STEM learning tools accessible and affordable through free, downloadable lesson plans that pair with Pilot’s STEM Authenticated line of erasable FriXion pens.  November 8 was National STEM Day, and their Science FriXion Experiment Box includes Pilot’s FriXion pens, as well as all of the materials needed for my kids and I to conduct our own experiments as we tested out the pens and curriculum firsthand.

Pilot FriXion Clicker Pens combines the ease of a retractable pen with Pilot's erasable thermo-sensitive gel ink.  It writes smooth in vibrant color and erases clean, so you can erase and rewrite repeatedly, without ruining the paper. These pens are erasable, retractable and refillable.

FriXion Fineliner lets you fearlessly express yourself creatively.  You can write smoothly without the fear of making a mistake because the ink from these marker pens will erase cleanly, allowing you to make corrections repeatedly until it’s perfect using FriXion’s unique thermo-sensitive, erasable ink formula.  There are 12 stunning colors and all of them can be erased completely - without damaging your paper.  The durable tip produces vivid, crisp erasable lines.


FriXion is the first and only STEM Pen and it has received the Authentication seal from, who are the experts in STEM education.  Studies show that when kids are engaged with STEM concepts from a young age, it can enhance problem solving skills and encourage interest in STEM careers.  The science behind FriXion erasable pens embodies the principles of STEM and enables exciting hands on demonstrations.  It's an affordable and easily accessible way to put the power of STEM in the hands of your kids.

You can download the free curriculum (and watch videos by Phil Cook,
well known on Tik Tok) that was developed for students from grades K-12.  These activities will help ignite interest and bring kids into the world of STEM with the help of amazing, erasable FriXion pens and markers.  Some of these fun experiments involve electrical conductivity, thermal energy, the science of friction and solar energy.  Your kids will have so much fun with these experiments that they won't even realize that they're learning!

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