Friday, November 5, 2021

Balance Training And So Much More

I received this product from Whirly Board for review.  Whether you are interested in balance training to help with balance issues due to aging, to add to your core muscle training, for training for board sports or just for the fun of it, this board is perfect for all skill levels!


The Whirly Board ($139.99) is an excellent training tool for any skill level and any lifestyle.  Whether you're a beginner or advanced, this is the perfect board for the whole family.  It combines agility, exercise and fun to create the ultimate accessory for your home, office or gym.  Kids love it because it's fun, adults love it because it has so many practical uses. 

It's great for basic balance and agility training or for adding difficulty to your core workout.  You can practice your skills for any board sport or use it to stay active at a standing desk.  It can help you with rehabilitation after an injury and it's a fun way to keep the kids occupied while improving their motor skills at the same time. And did I mention that it's FUN?!  It's not only fun, it's challenging as well!

Each Classic Whirly Board wooden balance board starts with a high quality 8 ply Canadian maple skateboard deck with a medium concave curvature and 8.25” wide.  It's curved to help your feet grip the board so you can control it to perform basic or advanced maneuvers.  Whirly Board has  a triple half sphere technology that allows you to practice full 360º or more spins on three independent balance points.

When you place your order, you get to choose the color of the center ball on your board.  You also get to choose between two grip tape style options (Cork Rubber Grip Tape or Skateboard Grip Tape) to cover the top of the skateboard style deck.

The cork rubber comes in plain or black speckled and features the Whirly Board logo inlaid in the center.  It's best to use with bare feet, socks or shoes and is the perfect blend of comfort and durability.  The eco-friendly cork rubber is soft on your hands when exercising and it provides plenty of traction for practicing spins.

The skateboard grip tape is clear and allows the natural wood grain pattern to show through.  It feels a little like coarse sandpaper so it's best used with shoes.  It provides extreme traction control that prevents slipping, so it's perfect for skateboard style tricks and big spins.

Whirly Board is a great gift idea for the whole family.  Everyone will love it!

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