Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A New Way To Experience Aromatherapy

I received these products from Essence for review.  Many people use aromatherapy as a way to relax.  Essence offers a new way to experience the calming effects of many wondrous fragrances.


Essence offers discreet, compact and flexible silicon rings that slip in your nostrils to provide a comfortable nasal diffuser.  These one size fits all rings are infused with 100% essential oils.  They will allow you to enjoy pleasant, relaxing smells no matter where you are.  These fragrances offer amazing health benefits and help us to relax.  They also allow you to control what you smell as you go about your day.  No more feeling sick to your stomach because you encounter a very unpleasant smell.

The Essence Nose Ring is discrete and portable.  It is almost invisible when you wear it!  It's available in single packs in a variety of fragrances like orange, watermelon and lemon.  

They come in bundle packs and different blends like Immunity Blend, Allergy Relief and Energy Blend.  Each ring can be reused up to 30 times if you add drops of essential oil to the sachet.  You can even get unscented rings that you can add your own oils to.

You can easily take your Essence Nose Ring along with you when you travel by using the convenient Pearl Travel Case.  The travel case comes with a Soaking Bay, the Essential Oil of your choice and two unscented Rings.  The case keeps everything together in one compact and convenient place.  Just add some oil and a ring to the soaking bay to infuse it and you're ready to go!

This is a wonderful gift idea for anyone on your gift list this Christmas.  And don't forget to get some for yourself as well!

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