Monday, October 4, 2021

Treats Your Dog Will Love

I received these products from Bow Wow Labs for review.  Our pets are a big part of our family, so it's only natural to want to include them on our gift list.  My dog gets wrapped presents under the tree every year, as well as his own Christmas stocking.  He gets just as excited on Christmas morning as my kids do.  And my kids love to help him open his gifts.  Let me tell you about a few products that make wonderful gifts for the four legged member of your family.

The Bully Buddy Started Kit ($44.95) is the perfect gift for your furry, four legged best friend.  This kit includes a Bully Buddy (which is available in six different sizes based on the weight of your dog), a sample pack of 5 safe fit bully sticks (sized to match your Bully Buddy based on the weight of your dog) and a sealable, stay fresh jar.


The Bully Buddy (starting at $27.95) is a durable, easy to use, veterinarian vetted and dog approved device that tightly secures bully sticks, preventing dogs from choking on the tail end of the treat.  It's available in different sizes, for dogs ranging from under 15 lbs. to over 100 lbs.  The Bully Buddy will tightly secure the corresponding size Bully Sticks and eliminate the choking hazard that the tail end of the treat presents to your dog.  It has a durable yet lightweight design, and the simple tightening screw that locks the bully sticks in place makes it super easy to use.

Bully Sticks ($19.95) are hand selected to guarantee the safest fit for your Bully Buddy. The
single ingredient in this treat is sourced from only grass fed, free range beef and is a great alternative to rawhide or manufactured chews.  By gnawing and chewing on his Bully Stick, your dog is removing plaque and tartar from his teeth. 

This Stay Fresh Jar ($9.95) is the perfect place to store Bully Sticks to keep them fresh.  This convenient, tight sealing jar can hold up to 20 regular Bully Sticks and keep them fresh for weeks.

Crunch Puffs ($6.99)
are nutritious, single ingredient (from 100% grass fed beef) crunchy treats.  They will satisfy your dog's instinctual need to chew within just a few bites.  In addition to providing high quality protein that is low in fat, these treats help to support oral health by removing plaque build up.

In the Waggy Wafers 3 Pack ($20.85), you get 3 packs of treats that your dog will love.  There are 3 different flavors (Organic Chicken, Turkey Pumpkin and Salmon) and you can choose any combination of 3 packs... choose a single flavor,  or get a variety pack that has one of each. 
Each morsel is filled with nutrient rich ingredients for a balanced snack that will make your pet's mouth water.  And they are made in the USA!

These products are perfect gifts to show your love for your dog!

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