Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Perfect Gift For Kids of All Ages

I received these products from Stomp Rocket for review.  This is a super fun way to encourage outdoor play and STEM learning.

The Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes consists of three planes that were
designed by aeronautical engineers to do a variety of amazing tricks!  You can change how they fly by changing the launch angle, flying with a head wind or tail wind, and more!  They're 100% kid powered, no batteries and no assembly required.  The three Stunt Planes come with a sturdy launch stand and a launch pad with an air hose.  To launch these Stunt Planes, you just run, jump and stomp.  They're recommended for ages 5-12, but adults love them, too!

With Stomp Rocket Dueling, kids age 6 and up can compete to see who can launch their rocket the highest.  These rockets are
100% kid powered. No batteries are required and assemble is super easy and fast.  This set includes four ultra stomp rockets, a special dueling launch stand with two launch pads with air hoses.  The foam tipped rockets can fly up to 60 Meters in the air and two kids can launch at the same time!  Just run, jump and stomp!

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