Saturday, October 23, 2021

Perfect Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

I received these products from Fun in Motion Toys for review.  They offer a collection of unique toys that will provide hours of mesmerizing fun for the whole family.

Shashibo ($23.99) is not your average cube toy.  It's the #1 selling magnetic puzzle toy that has been a finalist for Toy of the Year for 2 years in a row.  

Created by Andreas Hoenigschmid, Shashibo was inspired by his love of design, geometry and sand art.  It's a shape shifting box that you can twist and turn to transform it into over 70 shapes.  With a strong system of 36 rare earth magnets, there's no limit to the designs you can come up with.  You can even combine multiple Shashibo cubes to create even larger shapes!  Shashibo comes in several different colors and design patterns, which results in beautiful creations.  It's a great fidget toy that will stimulate your mind for hours.  It's recommended for ages 8 and up and you can download the Shashibo Shapes Guide to help you create them all!

Karmagami ($7.99) is a calming sensory toy that flips infinitely, rotating and transforming seamlessly into 4 colorful designs like a kaleidoscope.  It helps calm the mind and is great for kids (from age 4+) and adults who constantly fidget with their hands.

You can use Wandini Glow.O ($24.99) to create an awe-inspiring magical illusion.  As you whirl, swirl and twirl this levitating LED wand at night, you'll create a dazzling and mesmerizing light show.  To accomplish this, loop your Wandini around your middle finger to create an illusion of bright lights floating luminously in the air with your hands.  The invisible string and leather strap makes it appear as if you're performing true magic as the wand changes between 22 different light modes.  It's USB rechargeable, so no batteries are needed.  This is a great gift for anyone age 8 and above.

Spinballs LED Rechargeable Poi ($24.99) let you create glowing light trails at night.  It's great for beginners (ages 6+) as well as advanced poi enthusiasts.  Poi is Maori for "ball on a string" and this set of glow poi are attached to adjustable leashes.  With 22 light modes, they will light up the entire spectrum of the rainbow!  Spin them around in rhythmical and geometric patterns similar to Tai Chi to create a beautiful visual effect.  Batteries are not required because it is USB rechargeable.  You can download an app that will help you learn the best moves and motions to create the most stunning light show.

The Mozi ($12.99) is like a slinky for your arm.  This geometric, sensory spring toy
spins continuously and effortlessly, moving up and down your arm, from one arm to the other, or as you pass it to a friend.  Using Mozi will completely mesmerize you, but watching it glide is just as mesmerizing and addicting.  It's recommended for ages 6+, but it's the perfect gift for all ages, boys and girls alike.

All of these unique, fun and fascinating products are perfect choices for Christmas gifts.  They will keep the whole family occupied for hours!

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