Saturday, October 30, 2021

Moldable Glue and Sewing Too

I received these products from Sugru for review.

The Fix & Create Kit from Sugru gives you 12 unique ways to mend, make and craft the things that you love.  There are endless practical and creative uses for the Fix & Create Kit.  It’s packed with 12 uniquely creative repair and crafty maker projects, helpful tools, easy how to guides, inspiring stories from fellow makers  and the most irresistibly useful multi-purpose moldable glue.  This kit will teach you how to organize your craft room, make jewelry, build rubber stamps for personalized wrapping paper and how to repair ceramics with Kintsugru.  You can even hang things without drilling.  Plus, new techniques to deboss, texturize, design, upcycle, and playful and decorative ways to transform the things you love into anything you can imagine.

The Fix & Create Kit includes four single use packs of Sugru Moldable Glue in Black, White, Grey and Red, a booklet with 12 crafty projects shown in simple step by step instructions with inspiring stories and helpful tips and tricks, and three ingeniously repurposed tools (Texturing Thimble, Texturing Brush and Sugru Remover).  All of this is neatly stored inside a handy Sugru Tin.

The Merchant & Mills Indispensable Notions Sewing Box is full of basic sewing supplies.  It's a seriously satisfying kit for any sewing enthusiast.  The beautifully embossed and printed box is made up of nine handy pieces.  It has everything from dressmaking pins and wide bow scissors to tailor’s chalk and beeswax.


The beautiful embossed and printed box holds nine favourite and most useful notions.  The box has removeable inserts that will let you use it for life as a sewing box. It holds
25 of the finest needles, wide bow scissors, needle threader, dressmaking pins, tailor’s beeswax, tailor’s chalk, tailor’s thimble, seam ripper and tape measure.  That's all of the basics for any sewing job!

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