Saturday, September 11, 2021

Replacing The Screen To Your Patio Door

As the season changes from Summer to Fall, and the warmer days give way to cooler ones , I have just finished replacing the screen on my sliding patio door.  Why now, you may ask... why replace a screen door on a patio sliding door at the end of the season when you don't need to worry so much about insects getting in?  While it's true that insects are getting fewer, they are still out there, and the days are still warm and sunny enough for me to want to have my patio door open to enjoy a cool breeze.  And did I mention that I have cats?  Yeah.  These cats have a nice cozy barn to live in, but they still like to dart into the house every chance they get.  And they viewed my patio door with the big hole in the screen as an invitation to come in.  Plus, it didn't look very nice with such a big tear in the screen.

I didn't want to spend more money than I had to, so I replaced my sliding patio screen door myself (well, actually, my husband did it) using a Sliding Patio Door Screen Kit.  Believe it or not, I was even able to order the DIY sliding screen door kit online from a company called Quality Window Screen.  

Using the custom sliding screen door kit, my husband had no problems at all replacing the screen.  Now I have a brand new screen in my patio door that looks beautiful, for just a fraction of the price I would have paid to have a contractor install it.  My husband is proud of himself (I'm proud of him too) and is enjoying his sense of accomplishment.  And, of course, I'm happy that I no longer have to chase the cats around the house all the time so I can put them back outside.

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