Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Kids Can Create Art WIth Pom Poms

I received these products from Paint By Pom Pom for review.  It's like paint by number for kids, only it uses pom poms instead of paint!  There are four different Pom Pom Pals, and they're priced at $19.99 each, or you can get the Pom Pom Bundle, which contains all four Pal kits, for $79.96.  Each kit comes with one cardstock image with an attached standing frame.  There is no glue needed!  Simply pull back the plastic protective cover to reveal the adhesive image.  Then apply the numbered pom pom colors to the corresponding pom pom number on the card image to complete your art piece.  Or mix it up a bit and use different color combinations to create a piece of art that is uniquely yours!

The UniPom Pal lets you create a beautiful unicorn with a rainbow mane.  Any little girl would love to display this in her room, and she'll be proud that she created it herself.

The KittyPom Pal shows an adorable black and white kitty peering through a yellow star.  The blue background is the perfect contrast of color.  

The DinoPom Pal is the perfect choice for the child who love dinosaurs.  This dinosaur isn't scary at all.  He has big eyes and a friendly smile that will make anyone want to be his friend.

The PuppyPom Pal looks so happy, cute and cuddly!  With a brown patch around one eye and his ears flapping in wind, he happily frolics under a blue sky that's filled with fluffy clouds.

These Paint By Pom Pom Kits give kids a way to express their creativity and create artwork that will be proud to display.  They will have tons of fun creating it, and will be filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment every time they see the finished product on display.

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