Friday, August 13, 2021

Perfect For The College Student

I received these books from Ulysses Press for review.  With students moving back into college dorms or off campus apartments, they will appreciate a cookbook that has tasty, but inexpensive recipes that they can use to help them meet their budget.  And for those of legal drinking age, knowing how to make a good cocktail will make them very popular.  For these reasons, the following books would be great gift choices.

The I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook 10th Anniversary Edition by
Andrea Lynn ($19.95) -  You can make delicious meals using your favorite Trader Joe’s products, all from the comfort of your dorm room with this campus friendly cookbook.  It's packed with recipes for low carb lunches, easy to make dinners, late night snacks and more.  This cookbook offers starving college students welcome relief from microwave mash ups, fast food fiascos and cold pizzas.  It will help you save money while eating healthy with "late for class" breakfasts, "backpack friendly" lunches and "as hearty as mom makes" dinners.  A few of the recipes include:

  • Sloppy Joe Nachos
  • Pad Thai
  • Chicken Masala with Sweet Potatoes
  • Green Chile Cornbread Muffins
  • Monkey Bread
  • And more!

In this 10th Anniversary Edition of a campus classic, The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook is fully updated with brand new recipes to incorporate favorite TJ’s products like cookie butter and elote seasoning.  Each recipe, from fabulous finger foods to delicious desserts, has been thoroughly tested to guarantee it’s not only tantalizingly tasty, but also easy to make.  It also includes some smart tricks and tips for fast cooking appliances like pressure cookers and air fryers.  It's perfect for recent high school grads and budget conscious students.

*TRADER JOE’S is a registered trademark of Trader Joe’s Company and is used here for informational purposes only.  This book is independently authored and published and is not affiliated or associated with Trader Joe’s Company in any way.  Trader Joe’s Company does not authorize, sponsor or endorse this book or any of the information contained herein.

XOXO, A Cocktail Book by Bridget Thoreson ($19.95) - Learn how to shake up a classy cocktail and have a party worthy of the New York City elite using over 100 tempting recipes and enticing photos in this book.
  If you're a Gossip Girl fan or a TV lover, this book will quickly become your one and only source for the most lavish libations.  It has recipes for cocktails that are fit for Manhattan’s elite, including:

  • Kiss on the Lips (aka French Kiss)
  • The Powerful Woman (aka Rosemary Gin Fizz)
  • Lonely Boy Beergarita (aka Beergarita)
  • New York Spectator (aka Old-Fashioned)
  • Summer in the Hamptons Sangria (aka Traditional White Sangria)
  • And more! 

With 100 deliciously tempting cocktails and exquisite photos, XOXO, A Cocktail Book has the perfect beverage for any event, from an exclusive sleepover soiree to a decadent masquerade party at the Empire Hotel.


The Hard Seltzer Cocktail Book by Casie Vogel ($19.95) - Live your best hard seltzer life with this original cocktail book that was designed to make your favorite bubbly, boozy beverage all that much boozier.  From sparkling cosmos and daiquiris to a twist on the ever popular Aperol spritz, you'll find the recipes here.  The wildly popular sparkling beverage is a tasty, low cal treat on its own, but sometimes you have to take it up a notch (or several).  This book tells you exactly how to add a little snap, sparkle and pop to your favorite cocktails.  Whether you’re team White Claw, a Truly follower or a Bud Light Seltzer fan, there’s something for everyone with these easy to make recipes.  You'll find great recipes, including:

  • Sparkling Frose
  • Poppin’ Lemon Drops
  • Watermelon Sugar Slushies
  • One-Minute Margs
  • Summer in Moscow Mules
  • Fizzy Fuzzy Navels
  • And more!

These 55 recipes are designed to get the party started, whether for a Friday night pre-game party or an "it’s just been a tough day" night. Instead of that next round of always regrettable tequila shots, pick up this book and make yourself the perfect bubbly.

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