Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Beautiful Bouncing Curls Without Using Heat

I received this product from RobeCurls for review.  You don't have to damage your hair using heated curls or curling irons to get the beautiful, healthy, bouncing curls you long for.  You will love the results you'll get when you use RobeCurl.  They are regularly priced at $38, but are currently priced at $19.  They come in several different colors and you can purchase them on Amazon.

RobeCurls is a patent pending curling headband that you can use to create beautiful 1"-1½" curls without using heat.  The viral Tik Tok hack has become a reality and you can buy yours now.  It's made of h
air healthy satin charmeuse with a plush microfiber fleece lining and an integrated wire for secure wear.

RobeCurls is so easy to use and you will get beautiful curls every time.  It takes under 90 seconds to wrap your damp hair around it, then just wear it for a few hours as you go about your day (yes, it does look cute enough to wear as a hair accessory!), or wear it overnight as you sleep.  When you take your hair down you will have gorgeous curls that you will be thrilled with!

Unlike other curling methods, RobeCurls will not damage your hair.  There's no heat to burn it, no harsh chemicals... just healthy, gorgeous curls!  The instructions say to lightly dampen your hair before wrapping it around your headband, but I found that it works better for me if I completely wet my hair and wear it until my hair is dry.  I'm sure it all depends on how long and thick your hair is.  Mine is really long (down to my bottom) and super thick, so if you have shorter, thinner hair, it would probably work best for you if you simply mist your hair as shown in the video.  Just play around with it until you learn what works best for you.

I love my RobeCurls.  I never dreamed it would be so easy to achieve such beautiful curls.  And so quick as well!  It's perfect for girls who are returning to school (both high school and college) because you can wrap your hair around it and head off to school.  At the end of the school day, take it down, shake out those awesome curls and you're ready for a date or party!  What could be easier?!

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