Thursday, June 24, 2021

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

I received these products from glowoasis for review.  

glowburst intense hydration boosting cream is priced at $38.  It's a
deeply hydrating waterburst cream that keeps your skin moisturized from dawn to dusk.

This cream works great for many different skin concerns.  If your skin is dry, dull, oily, acne prone or aging, then you should try this out.  You can say goodbye forever to problem skin when you use glowburst.

This refreshing vegan moisturizer quenches even the thirstiest skin with its nutrient rich ingredients.  Things like resurrection plant, desert rose leaf extract and blue agave leaf extract.  It’s so lightweight and never greasy, unlike traditional face creams...all you'll feel is healthy skin.  When applied, glowburst transforms into tiny droplets that soak deep into your skin to restore it back to its healthiest state.  Your skin is instantly replenished and revitalized for a softer, more youthful complexion that glows.

cleanse mini duo is regularly priced at $27, but is currently available for $20.  This travel size cleansing set includes a makeupmelt cleansing balm and a cloudcleanse cloud whipped foam cleanser, and it comes in a convenient travel pouch that makes it easy to carry.  It's perfect to use on all types of skin (dry, dull, sensitive, aging, etc).

Both of these cleansers work together to wash away the impurities that exist above and below the skin’s surface.  As part of a two step deep cleanse, first use makeupmelt to remove makeup and surface oils.  Then, follow with cloudcleanse to eliminate any last traces of dirt that may be left behind.  Both cleansers contain skin loving ingredients, like vegan probiotics and prickly pear extract, that leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.  With this cleanse mini duo, you’ll see two cleansers are definitely better than one.

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