Sunday, June 20, 2021

Put an End To Chafing

I received these products from Body Glide for review.  You can purchase them from their website and from Amazon.


Foot Glide Anti Blister Balm will protect your feet and toes from the rubbing that causes blisters, chafing, raw skin and hot spots.  It's ideal for work, play, travel and nights out when you don’t want to risk getting blisters.  Use Foot Glide balm for rubbing that causes painful irritation, chafing, hot spots under feet, blisters or raw skin.  The balm does not contain petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils and is never wet or greasy.  Instead, it’s invisible and comfortable, like it’s not even there.  The advanced formula forms a dry, invisible and non-greasy barrier that protects your skin from friction and rubbing caused by socks, straps, seams and more.  You will be able to stay active and pain free.

Foot Glide is infused with Apricot Kernel Oil, Comfrey Leaf Extract and Vitamins A & C to help soften skin, minimize inflammation and restore dry, chapped and chafed feet.  It's made with allergen free, plant derived ingredients that are child safe, vegan approved and never tested on animals.  It's water and sweat resistant and keeps pores clog free by allowing sweat to escape and lets skin breathe.  It's never wet or greasy.  It contains no petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.  It won't damage your footwear.

With one application of the vitamin enriched formula of For Her, you can create a dry, invisible barrier against chafing, irritation and raw skin caused by rubbing.  Use this
balm to protect the spots where skin rubs together, like thighs, the underside of arms, on heels and toes.  The balm creates an invisible barrier and guards against chapped and cracked skin.  It's great in dry or humid heat, or in the cold. It's ideal every day for work, travel, fitness and play.  It will stop trouble before it starts.  The formulation makes it easy to apply for all day protection from skin on skin rubbing, chafing from clothing or pinching and friction from shoes, protective gear and other irritants.  The balm is water and sweat resistant and it keeps pores clean by letting sweat escape and skin breathe.  It's effective and long lasting for daily use in demanding conditions.

For Her balm starts with the tried and true original anti chafe, anti blister balm, then adds in Coconut and Sweet Almond Oils.  This formula is rich in Vitamins A, B, E and F.  It helps protect your natural skin moisture and it's ideal for sensitive, dry, cracked skin.  It's made with allergen free, plant derived ingredients and contains no petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.  It's skin safe, child safe, vegan approved and never tested on animals.  It won't damage your clothing or footwear.  Before you put on clothes, apply For Her directly from the stick on your inner thighs, under arms, around (sports) bra and anywhere that your skin is sensitive to rubbing.

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