Wednesday, June 16, 2021

More Books For Dad

I received these book from Rocky Nook and Ulysses Press for review.  Whether your Dad likes book on cooking, grilling or hobbies, you're sure to find lots of them on these two sites.  Below is a small sampling of what they have to offer, that they were kind enough to provide for me.

Lego With Dad by Warren Nash (
Rocky Nook, $24.95):  Break out the bricks, it’s time for awesome family fun!  LEGO bricks can be an endless source of imagination and joy for kids of all ages, and now dads can join in and help build amazing new creations.  LEGO With Dad is the ultimate guide to utilizing your bricks to make creative new projects.  No expensive new sets required!  With detailed instructions on the basic building techniques as well as more advanced and complex builds, this book is perfect for parents and kids all skill levels.  The book features step by step lessons for fun projects like a working train and car, a customized rocketship, a menagerie of colorful animals, a helicopter with rotating blades and much, much more!  Whether you and your kids are LEGO novices or aspiring Master Builders, this book will show you how to explore the world of bricks together to create amazing projects and lifelong memories.

See it With a Small Telescope by Will Kalif (Ulysses Press, $14.95):  Have fun exploring the stars with close up views of space objects right from your own backyard.  It doesn’t take an astronomy degree to feel like an astronaut and explore space with a small telescope.  See It with a Small Telescope takes the mystery and struggle out of exploring the unknown and discovering new worlds!  With hands on tips and tricks, this book offers a complete guide to unleashing the full power of a small telescope and going beyond the basics.  Without technical jargon and complicated star charts, this book offers step by step instructions and easy to use illustrations for finding over 100 celestial objects in the night’s sky, including
Saturn’s Rings, Jupiter’s Moons, the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Polaris Double Star, the Pegasus Globular Cluster, the Apollo 11 Site and more!

The Kamado Smoker & Grill Cookbook by Chris Grove (Ulysses Press, $24.95):  The first all encompassing guide to the wildly popular egg shaped ceramic cooker that’s blowing up the world of barbecue.  The ultimate in barbecuing tools, the kamado style grill features a ceramic shell and charcoal pit that allows home cooks to slow roast, smoke, and grill meats to perfection.  Packed with recipes, photos, and techniques unique to the kamado, this essential guide will turn grilling neophytes into masters of the backyard barbeque.  The Kamado Smoker and Grill Cookbook guides readers step by step through the process of slow cooking roasts to juicy perfection, smoking racks of ribs for the quintessential barbecue flavor and grilling the perfect burger.  Each concept features a recipe that provides a tasty opportunity for readers to practice new skills and get the most out of their grills. With gorgeously photographed recipes, as well as loads of tips and tricks, this is a must have manual for anyone who owns a kamado.

The Wood Pellet Smoker & Grill Cookbook by Peter Jautaikis (Ulysses Press, $24.95):  This book is full of tips, tricks and secrets for using a wood pellet smoker to enhance the flavor of everything from meats and seafood to veggies and baked goods.  The ultimate barbecuing tool, wood pellet smokers feature a precisely controlled cooking system that allows you to slow roast, smoke and grill meats to perfection.  Packed with bold recipes, 100 color photos and techniques unique to a wood pellet cooker, this essential guide will turn you into a master of home barbecue.  The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook guides you step by step through the process of slow cooking roasts to juicy perfection, smoking racks of ribs for that quintessential barbecue flavor, and even baking wood fired pizza.  A must have manual for anyone who owns a wood pellet cooker, this book serves up spectacularly delicious dishes that are simply impossible to make on traditional barbecue grills.  Featuring recipes that utilize hickory, mesquite, maple, apple, cherry and even pecan flavor pellets, this combination primer and cookbook will take your backyard treats to the next level.

The Infrared Grill Master by Jenny Dorsey (Ulysses Press, $19.95):  Level up your outdoor grilling game with this chef approved cookbook and guide to the red hot infrared grilling tech that guarantees consistent and juicy steaks, ribs, burgers, seafood and more.  Infrared grilling is the best way to make perfectly cooked, flavor packed versions of your favorite barbecue standards without the pillowing smoke, dangerous flare ups or piles of coal needed for traditional outdoor grills.  Whether you’re an avid griller or experimenting for the first time, The Infrared Grill Master will help you master grilling with delicious recipes like
“Faux” Dry Aged Steak, Lamb Chops with Chimichurri, Classic Baby Back Ribs, Grilled Avocado Toast, Corn “Off the Cob”, Lobster with Charred Lemon and even Grilled Banana Ice Cream!  Grilling with infrared technology takes a short learning curve, but is different from the classic method.  Once you’re comfortable setting up your outdoor grill, this book will walk through the best types of items to grill to best capture infrared technology, certain limitations to keep in mind and clever ways to infuse the subtleties of smoking with little additional work.

The Flippin' Awesome Backyard Griddle Cookbook by Paul Sidoriak (Ulysses Press, $18.95):  The first all encompassing guide to the best selling outdoor grill that’s revolutionizing every meal.  With 50 delicious recipes and full color photos, this book takes you from casual griller to restaurant level master chef.  Whether you’re making diner style breakfasts or shrimp flipping hibachi dinners, this book has all the tools for taking your outdoor grilling game to the next level.  Get the most out of your backyard griddle while learning how to make flippin’ awesome dishes like Johnny Cakes and Pancakes, Smashed Burgers, Cheesesteaks, Stir Fry, Pizza and much more.  This recipe book will have you grillin’ like a pro in no time.

Wild Yeast by Mouni Abdelli (Rocky Nook, $24.95):  Learn to make your own sourdough starter, delicious breads and other baked goods!  No instant or active yeast required!  What if the secret to authentic, natural, and delicious bread comes from making your own starter - the agent that incorporates wild yeast and bacteria into your bread, bringing it to life and giving it rich and robust flavor?  With years of culinary experience and training, French baker Mouni Abdelli invites you to discover the joy and satisfaction of making your own natural sourdough starter, which offers unrivaled flavor and releases the full nutritional and digestive benefits of the bread you bake.  Unlike mass produced and unwholesome industrially made bread, making your own homemade baked bread is a return to natural, nourishing ingredients, and an invitation to slow down and return to the simple and magical process of breadmaking.  With Abdelli’s guidance and recipes, you will first learn to make your own sourdough starter from scratch, then learn to work it into multiple recipes based on your taste and the other ingredients.  You’ll learn to make many kinds of bread, including sourdough bread, baguettes, ciabatta, challah, tortillas and pita.  You’ll also be able to use your starter to move beyond bread and make delicious waffles, brownies, pizza dough, donuts and more!  Over the course of the book, you will become a breadmaking expert as you learn to maintain your starter - feeding it, storing it and using it to make the best homemade breads and baked goods you have ever tasted!

The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook by Jeanette Hurt (Ulysses Press, $17.95):  Discover the countless budget friendly and delicious meals you can make with your favorite ALDI products!  Fans of ALDI, it’s time to celebrate your love of the best ever grocery store with a cookbook dedicated entirely to your favorite products.  You’ll find creative and mouth watering ideas that take simple, budget friendly ALDI brand ingredients and turn them into fantastic dishes.  From healthy appetizers to restaurant worthy comfort food classics and everything in between, you’ll be surprised at the amazing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you can make after a shopping trip to your local ALDI.  You'll find recipes like Baked French Toast with Berries, Breaded Chicken Parmigiana, Shrimp Scampi, Everything Bagel Dip, Easy Peasy Frozen Yogurt and much more!  With 75 recipes and full color photographs, you’ll be cooking like a pro with your favorite grocery store staples.  ALDI is a registered trademark of ALDI Company and is used here for informational purposes only.  This book is independently authored and published and is not affiliated or associated with ALDI Company in any way.  ALDI Company does not authorize, sponsor or endorse this book or any of the information contained herein.

The I Love Trader Joe's Cookbook
by Cherie Mercer Twohy (Ulysses Press, $19.95):  Discover the countless meals you can make with your favorite Trader Joe’s products, including low carb, keto friendly recipes, sweet treats, vegetarian and vegan ideas, party ready appetizers and snacks, and much more!  These recipes are both budget friendly and delicious.  From hors d’oeuvres and appetizers for the perfect party to restaurant worthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, you’ll be surprised at the amazing meals you can make after a quick trip to Trader Joe’s.  You'll find recipes for things like Apple Sausage and Cheddar Bites, Brie and Pear Galette, Chile and Crab Chowder, Lamb Loin with Pomegranate Reduction and Margarita Pork Chops.  TRADER JOE’S is a registered trademark of Trader Joe’s Company and is used here for informational purposes only.  This book is independently authored and published and is not affiliated or associated with Trader Joe’s Company in any way.  Trader Joe’s Company does not authorize, sponsor or endorse this book or any of the information contained herein.

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  1. Thanks for sharing "Lego with Dad" -- I've never seen this book, but always love ideas to get us started that use LEGO bricks we already likely have at home! I also think cook books for Aldi and Trader Joes are genius. Thanks for the great share.