Sunday, June 13, 2021

Golf Ball Markers to Help Your Game

I received these products from BēKEN Golf for review.  Do you know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to search for golf balls that have landed in areas with things like thick grass or fallen leaves, that make them hard to relocate?  Well, these golf markers makes it easier to spot those balls.

You can purchase BēKEN Golf Markers in a 2 Pack for $23.99, or a 4 Pack for $43.99.  They are available in five bright colors (blue, green, yellow, pink and orange) that are easily visible, and you get to pick the colors that you want.  The markers are 8" high, with a weighted base to keep them upright, making them easy to spot in thick grass or from a distance.  There are two channels in the base that can be used to rest your golf clubs on and as a cigar holder.  There are even hooks at the top of each one that allows you to lift them with your club for easy pickup.

To use, s
imply place or drop the marker by a partner’s golf ball so they can locate it without wasting time searching as you move towards your own ball.  The BēKEN marker can also be placed or dropped around the green to elevate club handles or cigars to ensure that you don't leave them behind.  You can also use them as portable targets for chipping practice. 

This would make an excellent gift for Dad this Father's Day.  It will help him be able to spend less time searching for balls, and more times actually playing golf.

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